Answer: The Gen- Comp Law is the software which is designed for easy compliance of all secretarial provisions of:

  • Companies Act 1956/2013
  • LLP Act 2008
  • XBRL Conversion as per Revised Schedule VI
  • Profit and Loss account (P&L) and Balance Sheet (B/S) through which they can be prepared in XML format. One can access and generate all e-forms through our software without visiting the MCA i.e. ROC portal.

Answer: The following two basic steps are required to be executed for the creation of data for the existing as well as a new company:

1. Client Master:

  • Company Creation :
  • Master > Company > New Company
  • Create Master Data of the Directors:
  • Master > Director
  • Create Master Data of the Subscribers:
  • Masters> Subscriber
  • Create Master of CA/CS:
  • Master> CA/CS Master

2. Make necessary entries in Company Info:

  • Company Info> Director
  • Company Info>CA/CS
  • Company Info >Share Capital {Fill up Initial(Authorized),Issued and Paid up Capital}

Answer: Yes, there is a facility to take back-up and restore in two ways:

  • Individual company.
  • Entire software's data.

Answer: You just have to follow the below mentioned four steps for generating and uploading an e form:

  • Create Master
  • Enter Company Info
  • Fill e form
  • Upload e form

Answer: By feeding the basic data of an Incorporated Company in the software, the statutory registers in the software will be automatically updated and generated. Following Statutory registers can be generated on the current status basis in the software:

  • Register of Member (Form MGT-1)
  • Notice of Interest by director (Form MBP-1)
  • Register of Loan, Guarantee, Security and acquisition made by the Company (Form MBP-2)
  • Register of Investments (MBP-3)
  • Register of Contracts (MBP-4)
  • Register of renewed and duplicate share certificates (Form SH-2)
  • Register of Charges (Form CHG-7)
  • Share Application and Allotment Register
  • Share Transfer Register
  • Share Transfer Form (Form SH-4)
  • Share Transmission Register
  • Registers of Directors and Key Managerial Personnel
  • Registers of Securities held by Directors and Key Managerial Personnel
  • Register of Deposit
  • Register of Common Seal etc.

Answer: Yes, there is a facility to prepare all types of Minutes\Resolutions\Notices\MOA\AOA in the software. We have provided default templates in the software for your convenience and you can also further add your own formats in the software.

Answer: Following reports can be generated by company law software:

  • Directors Report
  • Annual Return
  • Share certificate
  • Various MIS reports such as:
    • Company Information Report
    • Subscriber Information Report
    • Director Information Report
    • CA/CS Information Report.

Answer: Yes, the option of direct login to upload e-forms is provided in the software and user doesn't need to open multiple internet browsers.

Answer: Yes, there is a facility to download new e-forms as or when launched by MCA or ROC through Comp law software by checking option of "Check New Forms".

Answer: Yes, The DSC's track can be maintained and checked for its expiry and other aspects. The software intimates you about such expiration.

Answer: Yes, there is an option through which the registers will be kept to fixed assets as per Books, Companies Acts and Income tax act on the following criteria:

  • Location
  • Department
  • Section
  • Vendor
  • Group
  • Sub-group
  • Block
  • Item

And the details can be tracked as when an asset is:

  • Acquired
  • Revaluated
  • Disposed
  • Transferred

Answer: XBRL instance documents are also included in this software as The Comp Law software takes care of all the compliances related to MCA. However, it is also available separately.


  • FTE: Fast Track Exit
  • CLSS: Company Law Settlement Scheme, are being given in this software as or when required.

Answer: One can check the following details without going to MCA portal:

  • Company master Data
  • View signatory Details
  • Index of Charges
  • Track Payment status
  • Annual filing status
  • DIN Approval status
  • Find CIN (or) GLN


  • Billing
  • PDF Converter
  • Calculator
  • Cheque Printing
  • Document Manager
  • Miscellaneous Information


Answer: Gen - Comp Law is software which provides ease to compliances for all secretarial provisions of LLP such as currently only e-form filling is available such as:

Form-1 Form-2 Form-3 Form-4
Form-5 Form-7 Form-8 Form-10
Form-11 Form-12 Form-15 Form-17
Form-18 Form-22 Form-23 Form-27
  • Note: Currently its only introductory package, few Updation are required to be done.

Answer: Yes, there is facility to import data of an existing incorporated LLP through its LLP IN no. and Partner’s DPIN no. now DIN no.

Answer: Yes, there is a facility to take back-up and restore in two ways:

  • Individual LLP.
  • Entire software's data.