Gen Online Payroll Software for Easy HRMS System

Gen Online Payroll software is a complete solution to handle all HR related tasks such as salary calculations, daily attendance, and other relevant employee data management work. This online version of the Gen Payroll software is linked up with Desktop Payroll Software from where users can easily fetch the data. The employee data management is very important for any company whether it is an MNC or a particular location based firm. As the number of employees increases, the complexity of any database also increases, and it becomes very hectic for any HR professional to maintain that, Now, you don't need to worry as the online payroll software helps the company HR to update the employees information in a discrete manner.

Gen Online payroll software helps any company to make a virtual joint between the HR and employees of the company, by which the HR can directly upload any new information or notice which will be visible from the specific IDs allocated to every employee. It includes employee login, in which a special Id with an account will be given to any employee. So, precisely we can say that our Online Payroll will help you organising the information of your employees in a well-defined manner. As per saying 'TIME IS MONEY', therefore, this software saves your golden time and makes the management easy and handy.

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Features of Gen Online Payroll Software

Biometric Attendance System

Biometric Attendance System

It is a cutting-edge tool for businesses that facilitates shift management, employee shift roster, live tracker, date-wise attendance, employee report and more.

Employee Login

Employee Login

Unique ID Login for Each and Every Employee for Safe & Secure Data Management



Employees get to Know Exact Salary Prepared with Deduction Values and Payslip Downloads



Employees get Detailed Attendance Data Based on the Daily, Monthly Wise Summary with Complete Log Information



All the Insurance, Mutual Funds, House Rent, etc. by Employees gets Managed by the Portal with the Download Feature



Employees can Find Exact Leaves taken with Paid Leave Details and can also Find the Closing Balance of All the Leaves



All the claims and Reimbursement are Managed as per Provisions Based on Conveyance Bill, Food Bill etc. along with the Facility to Attach the Voucher

Download Miscellaneous Details

Download Miscellaneous Details

Employees can Calculate Salary and Download Annual Salary Certificate, Form 16, 16AA and 12BA

Upload Facility from Online Payroll Software

Upload Facility Online Payroll Software

Upload Relevant Details including Salary, Attendance, Investment, etc Further with Automatic Employer's Mail ID Receive Feature

Video Demo

Demo of Gen Online Payroll in English
Gen Payroll Software Online Demo English
Demo of Gen Online Payroll in Hindi
Gen Payroll Software Online Demo Hindi

FAQs of Gen Online/Cloud Payroll Software

Gen online payroll is the solution to manage the chores which are concerned with HR like salary calculations, daily attendance, and other relevant employee data management work. This software is just connected with the Desktop Payroll in which the users can simply fetch the information. For every business the management of the information is essential. It is hectic for HR to manage the information where there are more employees or an increase in the company. But now you do not want to get worried as the online payroll software assists the firm HR to update the employees' data in a fast and safe manner.

It is the most effective payroll online software to purchase for small businesses. It is the one-stop solution to handle the company's information and manage the payroll concerns problems through the payroll management software provided by Gen Payroll.

The 21st Generation payroll software is towards the firms, organizations, and MNCs. SAG Infotech used to work with developers and human resources so as to create an effective online/cloud Payroll software for the ultimate employee management tool. There are various specifications in the single package which shall provide the optimized services to the clients and organizations.

The HRA exemption consideration is distinct for Metro as well as non metro cities. In the present times Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata are considered Metro cities. The other important cities like Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad that have a considerable amount of employed people living in the rented house shall not come under the Metro list. This required that these cities possess a high cost of living and rental costs are very high.

On clicking on the left tab list for the miscellaneous option, click on the download button next to the annual certificate at the last option. The download will be finished in the required format on the local desktop at the selected directory.

Yes, ESIC Challan can be filed online along with uploading the return. Moreover, we have also added the following routine compliances:

  • Monthly Forms ==>> Monthly ESI, ESI Challan
  • Half-Yearly Forms ==>> Form-5, 6, 7, 37, 53, 86, etc

First, you require to enter 15 digits "Code no. allotted by EPF" department as a combination of Region code (2), Office Code (3), Establishment Code (7) and Extension Number (3) digits and then you can generate the ECR file i.e. (.txt) file which is finally going to upload on PF website.

The past records and the information of the employees such as salary, arrears, income tax data, ID proofs, general details shall easily import and export through the help of the software.

According to the compliances like Conveyance Bill, Food Bill, etc. along with the Facility to Attach the Voucher the claims and the reimbursement shall get handled.

Features of our cloud based Payroll are as follows:

  • Employee login: Separate Id login for every employee so as to have safe data management.
  • Salary: The employees find out the salary made along with the deductions made and also they can download the payslip.
  • Attendance: The employees posted the detailed attendance as per the Daily, Monthly Wise Summary with Complete Log details.
  • Investment: All the Insurance, Mutual Funds, House Rent, etc. by Employees get handled by the Portal with the Download Feature.
  • Leaves: The employees can see the opted leaves through the paid leave information and also find the closing balance of all the leaves.
  • Claim: All the claims, as well as reimbursements, are handled under the Conveyance Bill, Food Bill, etc. along with the Facility to Attach the Voucher.
  • Download Miscellaneous Details: Employees can compute the Salary and Download the Annual Salary Certificate, Form 16, 16AA, and 12BA.
  • Upload Facility from Online Payroll Software: Upload Related Items engaging Salary, Attendance, Investment, etc besides with Automatic Employer's Mail ID Receive Feature.

Pricing Plan of Gen Online/Cloud Payroll Software

Particular Installation Charges*
Payroll Desktop Application 15000/-
Payroll Online Application 20000 /-
(A) Total 35000 /-
(B) Web Hosting Charges (Details as per Table A) 5000 /-
(C) Total Cost with Web Hosting (A+B) 40000 /-
(D) My SQL Database (1 No.) Without Web Hosting 2000 /-
(E) Total Cost without Web Hosting (A+D) 37000 /-
Total A : WebHosting Charges
WebSpace Band-width Email Database Domain Sub-Domain FTP Panel Cost*
500 MB 5 GB 10 1 MySQL 1 5 5 Yes 5000/-
Charges for Additional Requirement (Per Annum)
No. Cost(Rs.)*
25 Rs. 500 /-
50 900 /-
100 1500 /-
Size Cost (Rs.)*
250 MB 1000 /-
500 MB 1500 /-
1 GB 2500 /-
Other Particulars
Particulars Cost (Rs.)*
Domain(No. 1) 500 /-
My SQL(1 No) 1000 /-

*Taxes extra as applicable

Benefits of Cloud-based Online Payroll Software for Small Business

The 21st Generation Payroll software solution for all corporates, MNC's and companies. The SAG Infotech worked with dozens of expert developers and human resource personnel to develop Online Gen Payroll software for the ultimate employee management tool. There are multiple features in a single package that will cater endlessly to clients and companies alike.

Optimized Resources Icon

Resources Optimized for Compliance Needs

All the process is automated giving it the edge over other software. Gen online/cloud payroll software works totally on automated online workflow and thereby saving a lot of labour, print costs with time.

Payroll Solution for Business

Complete Online Payroll Solution for Small Business

Gen online payroll software for small business is a complete package to complement the companies requirement of employee management software. The software is capable of doing all the major tasks including salary calculation, HRIS (employee database), leave, attendance, timesheet, travel and expenses, claims, incentives, full and final settlement, and much more.

Payroll Compliance Software

Payroll Software as Per Compliance

Online Gen payroll software India is totally developed as per the government compliance and also calculates as per the statistics released by the labour ministry.

Facility to Import/ Export Data

Import/ Export Data with Online Gen Payroll Software

Our payroll software simplifies the import and export of data. You can integrate multiple HR applications, the best payroll software. The integration allows you to import and export legacy payroll data with ease. You can build a complete application based on your specific needs. Easily export data to other HR and accounting software.

Employees Database

Import and Export of Employees Database

Gen online payroll will import or export complete data of employees along with the past records of employee salary, arrears, income tax data, ID proofs, general details.

Tech Support by Team

Tech Support by Expertise Team

Our online payroll software is available with whole day tech support for 6 days a week. Our expert tech support staff will virtually connect and dedicatedly ensure that your queries are resolved.

Our Online Payroll Software Simplifies Following Activities for HR

Online/Cloud Payroll Software

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