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LAN Policy

  • For Multi-user, please select number of “LAN Charges” as per requirement. LAN Installation / Updation Charges will be same applicable as the Software on which LAN facility is availed.
  • In case if you doesn’t want any service from Company or Dealer regarding LAN multi-user, Company / Dealer will not charge any money from you. We have provided LAN help for troubleshooting which is accessed from Help Section. To avail this, you must fill the “LAN Declaration Form” and send a scanned copy via Software more services section. Also note that for Gen GST products (Desktop), the 'LAN Declaration Form' is not applicable and will require payments starting from LAN 1.
  • Please click here for LAN Declaration Form 1 (Read Carefully)
    Please click here for PPS or click here for PDF for Help regarding any kind of LAN Help.
  • At a time client can only use one mode of LAN connection, either against LAN Declaration Form (Unlimited Access) (Not Applicable on Gen GST Products (Desktop) or through paid LAN connection for particular number of PC’s. Client cannot avail both type of access at the same time.
  • If client is having Unlimited LAN connections against LAN Declaration Form ((Not Applicable on Gen GST Products (Desktop)) and after that he/she wants another paid LAN connection then all earlier LAN connections (against LAN Declaration Form) will be deactivated. Client cannot access LAN connections other than he/she paid for. This LAN declaration form is mandatory to submit every time when you update your software.
  • Example- If client is using 10 LAN connections through LAN declaration form and now wants 2 paid LAN connections; In this case company will provide 2 paid connection and deactivate 8 LAN connections.
  • Vice Versa- If client is having paid LAN connection and now wants unlimited LAN connection through Declaration Form ((Not Applicable on Gen GST Products (Desktop)), Company will deactivate all earlier paid connection and will not give any service to that connections. Also, client will not liable to claim any refund for prior paid connections.
  • Example- If client is using 2 paid LAN connections and now take unlimited LAN access through LAN Declaration Form, In this case Company will deactivate earlier 2 paid LAN connection and previously charges paid against the LAN will not be refundable and also company will not give any service to that 2 paid connections.
  • Note- SAG Infotech clears that the LAN Declaration Form is not applicable on Gen GST products (Desktop) and will be required to pay for LAN 1st.