Quality A Way To Magnificence

SAG Infotech laid its foundation in the year 1999, in Pink city of India as a proprietor firm and we incorporated SAG Infotech Private Limited in May 2010. SAG Infotech is sincerely committed to achieve customer delight and enhance customer relation by providing the highest level of quality products through the means of Aspiration, Innovation, & Technology for professionals like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Human Resource Managers & many more. Due to this success mantra we achieved clientage of more than 50,000 customers all across the India and still counting on.

We Believe It’s The Quality Not The Cost That Defines A Product

Our all the products are overbrimed with our hard work and honesty as a result all the products are convenient for our client’s pocket and professionally surpassing. The company has manpower strength of around 150 team members which consist of Developers, Marketing, Support and Administration, Logistics. We have built up a large team of technical support staff that is trained professionally just to take care of our clients and to deliver them with professional & technical care. We are focused on technical innovation that delivers real value and cost savings, fast working products. You can rely on us to meet just about any IT management need with our smart, award-winning products and time-saving services. Whether you are working with Windows, databases and applications, or in physical, virtual or cloud environments - you’re covered. Our team of professionals works in cohesive manner in order to achieve the goal of the organization. They are also trained as per the requirement, which ensures the skills & capabilities of employees.

The Team Comprises Of

  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Company Secretaries
  • Advocates
  • Quality Auditors
  • Skilled Manpower

Cities Network

We have covered 80+ cities by dealer network to cater the every corner of the country with multiple teams.


Years of Experience

We have been doing the business for more than 23 years with great experience in taxation industry.

200 +

Technical Team

We have full time dedicated teams of Developers, Designers, Analysts, Marketing Experts.

50000 +

Happy Clients

Thousands of clients incoming daily with reference for our taxation & business products .


Certification and Membership

SAG is a member and certified by several organizations and associations. In terms of quality products, services


Flagship Products

Our products have been solving the taxation problems & also benefitting the clients at every step.

The “DAWN” of SAG

SAG Infotech is a ruling quality motivated company established by an imaginative & profound young man Mr.Amit Gupta of Jaipur. He is a Chartered Accountant himself. He established this company realizing the growing demands of applications of technology in the field of Finance and Accounts and took the responsibility of fulfilling all those needs for professionals like chartered accountants, company secretaries etc in Indian market, providing a solution to the various problems suffered by them. Thus, the ultimate aim was to include the company name in the lists of premier branded companies, and he succeeded too.


The “GOAL” of SAG

At SAG Infotech, “Treating others the way you want to be treated“ is the core principles of company .We recognize that we exist as a company because of our clients. As such, we aspire to be a company preferred by our clients based on the solutions and quality of our solutions & services.

Achievement of SAG

Our Membership Achievements entail a long list, occupying some of the prestigious organizations under its accolades. Starting with the Goods & services tax, the company proudly being an Application Service Providers, or ASP undertakes tax filing responsibility of the taxpayers from their raw tax data, converting it to final tax return filing. SAG Infotech is also registered with the Central Depository Services Ltd (CDSL) as well as with the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). Also, note that the company is an authorized intermediary b/w ITD & taxpayers to file income tax returns electronically being registered with the income tax and TDS department. Now the SAG Infotech can boast of its association with the Securities and Exchange Board of India followed by being the Rajasthan’s as well as category 1st Registrar & Share Transfer Agent. Now the company offers all the services based on dematerialization of shares, issuing of duplicate shares, revalidation of dividend, and all the standard name/address/signature change procedure.

Achievement of SAG


We are honest and responsible in dealing with our clients, alliance partners, and the individuals who are associated with our business. We communicate authentically. We are open with our clients regarding issues & policies that affect them. Keeping secrets or hiding important information can lead to environment of mistrust.


We pursue & guarantee excellence in all our actions & results .We work relentlessly to achieve the goal beyond best by using the best input and processes.


Our team is dedicated for delivering outstanding quality, innovative products & excellent customer services .We not only ensure to deliver the best but also take utmost care in providing you assistance when you need it. Our software development team is doing rigorous research enabling us to provide latest technology & flawless products for our customers.



Our IT Company has a sound experience in software programming and developing since 1999 and is working on latest technologies and platforms –like Visual Basic, VB.Net, ASP.Net, PHP, SQL Server, MySQL, Joomla, Drupal, Android applications and I-phone and I-pad applications as developing solutions. We are proficient in developing customized solutions for your business needs. The ultimate aim of our Project managers lies delivering the desired outcome quickly and cost effectively. We can build an application from the ground up, or develop add-ons for you current software. Altogether, we aim at building the software solutions that extend the boundaries of the software technologies – and delivering you with a high edge technology solution that are fresh and creative.

Our Expertise is

Software development and its Marketing, Sales, Dealers’ Network, Tele-Marketing and Customer support services.

  • Web Designing
  • Consultancy
  • Outsourcing
  • Digital Signature Certificates

And recently we have started overseas business in United Kingdom (U.K.), United States of America (U.S.A), Australia and other abroad countries of outsourcing software applications, ERPs and other IT related services again with the similar cost and time efficiency.

Our Future Projects

We are also working on the latest & greatest technological advancement of 21st century in IT sector which is developing a dedicated enterprise resource planning (ERP) which will bring all the current software within a single roof and would make a much easy filing and processing task to everyone using our ERP.

Also the company is bringing a innovative solution to develop a software application, mobile application and all IT based solution from scratch without having a deep knowledge in base coding. We are at the forefront of such technologies and it is a matter of time to bring us these technology to normal clients and tax professionals.

This is all what turning us into success!!

Our Expertise is


The most prominent reason behind our stability is our passion to deliver the best to our clients. Each and every member of our SAG family endeavors rigorously to serve the best to our clients & due to this hard work we have achieved clientage of professionals consist of:-

  • Government Organizations

    Government Organizations

  • Chartered Accountants

    Chartered Accountants

  • Company Secretaries

    Company Secretaries

  • Cost & Work Accountants

    Cost & Work Accountants

  • Corporate like MTS

    Corporate like MTS

  • Advocates/Lawyers




  • Banks & Financial

    Banks & Financial

  • Schools


  • Universities


  • Educational Institutes

    Educational Institutes

  • Colleges


  • Hospitals like Fortis

    Hospitals like Fortis

  • Hotel & Tourism

    Hotel & Tourism

  • Gems & Jewelers

    Gems & Jewelers

  • Pharmacy & Healthcare

    Pharmacy & Healthcare

  • Power


  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

  • Retail


  • Others


Certification and Membership of SAG

The efforts of SAG Infotech Private Limited has been member and certified by several organizations and associations. In terms of quality products, services and data security and privacy the firm is member and certified by

  • SO 27001:2013

    ISO 27001:2013

  • Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)

    Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)

  • ASSOCHAM India

    ASSOCHAM India

  • Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT)

    Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT)






SAG Infotech laid its foundation in the year 1999 as a Proprietary firm.



Commercial launching of “Genius” in the market.



“Genius” became a widely accepted and popular software in the market. 



Genius Consultancy Services - The company started providing services viz. filing of tax returns, consulting on financial matters and managing their investment portfolio, MF, General and Life Insurance under one roof.
Company diversified into the development of other products namely “Payroll”.
The Company also started trading in digital signatures & USB tokens on a big scale.



"Payroll” was ready for rollout and started working on one more product, i.e. “CompLaw”



Both new products viz. “Payroll” and “Complaw” launched in the market as trial versions. 



“Payroll” gained popularity among users by each passing day and became a leading products under its category. 


Web Development

“CompLaw” sales also started picking up.
The Company started working towards software development for others on various languages – PHP, .NET, Mobile Application Framework.
The Company ventured into the overseas market providing services - Website Design & Development, SEO, Solution Design & Development.



Development work started on a completely new range of 13 products including XBRL.


13 New Products

All the 13 new products under development were ready within a short duration of one and a half year.
The Company started a training institute for students by keeping 2 different strategies in mind: (a)To provide quality education and practical knowledge on live projects. (b)To generate high-class manpower and revenue for the firm.
The company also started working on an ambitious project of “sagmart.com” which is a content-rich informative portal 


SAG Mart Portal

SAGMart was started to create a trustable and complete online information portal for the next generation youths looking forward into the Car, Bike & Mobile segment.
Beta version of all 13 newly developed products launched.
The Company shifted to new premises with state of the art infrastructure and capacity to accommodate over 350 employees.



Company started working in the KPO sector targeting overseas market specializing in the accounting area.


SAG Academy

SAG Academy was one of the first ventures started locally to promote virtual e-learning courses for IT services to the candidates and awarding them with completion certificates.



AI AR & VR – The company stepped into the future technology with its advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality) projects having VR based furniture demo, auto payroll with identification & more.



GEN GST, a GST billing and e-filing software, developed and launched by the company successfully.


E-way Bill

The options for E-way bill registration and E-way bill generation added to GEN GST online software.



roudly registered as Category 1st RTA with the Securities and Exchange Board of India, The only one in State of Rajasthan.



In 2020 process of SDMT development the SAG team achieved a breakthrough.



New breakthrough in SDMT, the Low-code, no-code software from SAG Infotech enabling faster and more accessible app development as per global standards.


Online GST

SAG Infotech brought the Gen GST Cloud for its clients to offer complete ease of filing returns from anywhere anytime.



In the process of developing our first product, "Genius Manager," on SDMT, an all-around solution for virtual personal managers with business compliance.


Online GST

Brought more than 15000 clients online with our Online GST software to cater quick filing solutions remotely to every professional.


Pillars of SAG Infotech

Managing Director- Mr. Amit Gupta

A Chartered Accountant having more than 20 years of experience in conceptualizing, developing and marketing softwares in financial sector. Having worked from grass root level to the top management level, he has gained a profound understanding of the problems faced by the business enterprises, their basic requirements and practical solutions for the problems.

CEO- Mrs. Surabhi Amit Gupta

With overall experience of 18 years in managing day to day tasks and marketing operations of the company, She is acting as CEO of the company. She is looking after overall functions together with coordination of various department heads of the company.