GenTDS: Best TDS Software for Error-free Return Filing

GenTDS is the best TDS software providing the most simple and user-friendly interface which is specially designed for filing the TDS/TCS returns online as per the norms & regulations of TRACES and CPC, India. By using our software which is an innovative tool, one can pre-determine the amount, prepare TDS returns, calculate interest and penalty along with late filing fees all at one destination. It is an authorized TDS e-filing software, listed on the government of India's official tax information network website. Also, during the financial year 2012-13, it secured the highest rank in the Indian government's authorized online TDS filing software list.

Moreover, professionals can directly log in to the TRACES CPC and NSDL with our TDS return filing software, therefore no need of generating the user ID every time. Other significant details such as all India PIN codes, ISD codes, TAN/PAN AO codes, TIN FCs MICR & IFSC codes, Service tax ranges, Bank BSR codes etc. also come enabled with the software. The Gen e-TDS software is well versed with all the government norms and regulations and makes accurate calculations along with error-free and easy TDS/TCS return filing.

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What's New In Our TDS Filing Software For Assessees

  • New TDS/TCS FVU Ver 8.6/2.182
  • The deadline for submitting TDS forms 26Q, 27Q, and 27EQ for the first quarter of the 2024-25 financial year to 31 july.
  • Changes in Online Activities Related to Form 15CA, Bulk Compliance Check etc
  • Tax calculation For A.Y. 2025-26 in Form 24Q -> Salary Details
  • Release of Updation Product Renewal for A.Y. 2025-26
  • Part-A of New 16 Form Generation TRACES 'Utility Version 1.9L'
  • Salary Details (as per Annexure-II) and Whatsapp Facility
  • Copy Option, Consolidated Report and Press F2 Key for Calculator
  • Bulk Uploading Facility of 15CA/15CB Forms
  • Uploading of TDS/TCS Returns Using DSC Via Quick Method & Browser
  • Banks List Updated Under E-pay Tax Facility @ITD Portal
  • Online filing of 15CB is provided
  • Previous Year data import facility in Form 15CA/ Form 15CB
  • e-Pay Tax facility @ ITD without login in Challan is provided
  • Part-B of New 16 Form Generation TRACES 'Utility Version 1.5L'
  • Facility to Preview Original TDS/TCS Forms in Case of Correction
  • e-Payment Facility @ITD Portal for Form 26QB/ 26QC/ 26QD
  • Uploading Facility of TDS/TCS Returns Active on New e-filing I-T Department Portal
  • FVU (File Validation Utility) for latest form 24G filing
  • Filing of Form 15CA, 15G/15H on New ITD Portal
  • Section 206AB & 206CCA: Compliance Check Feature in Deductee Master

Highly Productive Features of Gen TDS Return E Filing Software

Online TDS/TCS E-return Uploads

Online TDS/TCS E-return Uploads

Filing of TDS/TCS Statement (Regular or Correction) Directly Online via ITD Portal

15G/H Quarterly Register

15G/H Quarterly Register

Allows Quarterly Filing of 15G/15H Forms on New ITD Portal

Lower Deduction/No Deduction Forms

Lower Deduction/No Deduction Forms

Facilitates Generation in the Case of Lower Deduction and No Deduction Forms

15CA/15CB Filing

15CA/15CB Filing

Facility for Online Filing of 15CA/15CB with Both XML Generation Facility and Direct Online Uploading

TDS/TCS Certificates

TDS/TCS Certificates

Generation of Form 16, 16A, 27D in PDF Format and Signed with a Digital Signature (Optional) along with the Email Facility

26QB/26QC/26QD Filing

26QB/26QC/26QD Filing

Facility of Filing 26QB (Challan cum Statement of Deduction u/s 194IA), 26QC (Challan cum Statement of Deduction u/s 194IB) and 26QD (Challan cum Statement of Deduction u/s 194M)

Import/Export Facility

Import/Export Facility

Taxpayers can also Import / Export Data from MS-excel Files / Text File/ FVU File

Interest and Late Fee Calculation

Interest and Late Fee Calculation

Automatic Calculation of Interests and Late Fee

Bulk PAN Verification

Bulk PAN Verification

Gen TDS is also Capable of Bulk PAN Verification

Fresh TAN Application

Fresh TAN Application

Taxpayers can Also Apply for Fresh TAN or can Apply for Any Corrections in the Existing TAN Data

Challan E-payment

Challan E-payment

It also Generates Challan Along with the Facility of e-payment and Online Challan Verification is Available

Compatibility with Browsers

Compatibility with Browsers

Compatible with All the Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc for e-Filing of TDS returns

Request Download

Request Download

Our TDS Return Filing Software Provides the Option of Request Download @ Trace Login Helping in Downloading All Those Requests you Put on Trace Website

Search Facility

Search Facility

It Offers Search Facilities Such as - All India PIN Codes, STD Codes, ISD Codes, TAN/PAN AO Codes, List of TIN FCs, Bank BSR Codes, Service Tax Ranges, MICR/IFSC Codes

Report Generation Facility

Report Generation Facility

Facilitates Generation of Various Reports in Single or Bulk Mode, Like Salary Certificates, Challan Wise Details, Deductee Wise Payment, Clients Not Having Pan/Address etc

Calc of Annual Taxable Salary

Calc of Annual Taxable Salary

Facilitates Calculation of Annual Salary after Giving an Effect of Deduction under Chapter VI-A along with Calculation of Month-wise Salary and TDS thereonn

E-Filing of Returns

E-Filing of Returns

Facilitates Preparation and E-filing of the Returns 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ with Proper Validations along with Declaration of Non-filing in Case of No TDS Deduction

Correction Statement Filing

Correction Statement Filing

Assists in Filing and Uploading of Correction Statement Along with Download Facility All the Requests like a Consolidated File, Justification Report, etc

Video Demo

TDS Return Filing Software Demo in Hindi
Gen eTDS Software Video Hindi
Demo of TDS Filing Software in English
Gen eTDS Software Video English

FAQS Gen TDS Return Filing Software

The return software is the leading TDS filing solution across PAN India with the latest features and a simple interface reaching each and every client and taxpayer with even basic knowledge of computing. Our TDS e-filing software is the highest-ranking solution as per the Indian government TDS portal for the FY 2012-13 and is also authorized for filing complete TDS returns. The software is developed as per the guidelines of TRACES & CPC India.

Software of Gen TDS is the most affordable TDS solution in India with under INR 5,000* price for a complete set of TDS filing solutions.

Absolutely yes, the Gen TDS/TCS return filing software is developed to file unlimited returns and is capable of filing TDS/TCS for bulk clients as well. The TDS software is also featured with the form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ having complete validations and also declaration to Non-filing in Case of No TDS Deduction. Also, the Gen e-TDS is able to provide direct login to the TRACES CPC and NSDL portal with a pre-saved secured login.

Yes, you can file 26QB/26QC/26QD by Gen TDS return e-filing software. Form 26QB, Form 26QC, and Form 26QD are the forms of challan-cum-statement, which enable the payment of TDS u/s 194-IA, 194-IB, and 194M, hence, these are to be filed in the restrictions given in sub-rule (4A), sub-rule (4B) and sub-rule (4C).

Yes, you can see that the TDS desktop software can provide the form 15CA/15CB bulk uploading. The person who makes the remittance needs to deposit a Form 15CA and a certificate is required via a chartered accountant. The meaning of form 15 CB denotes the tax deduction under the income tax rules and indeed prevents double tax compliance.

Yes, you are enabled to apply for the new TAN and Corrections via TDS return filing software. Tax Deduction Account Number or Tax Collection Account Number is a 10-digit alpha-numeric number given through the Income-tax Department (we will refer to it as TAN). TAN is being received by all the individuals liable for deducting tax at source (TDS) or who are needed to collect tax at source (TCS).

Our TDS return e-filing software absolutely allows the generation of Form 16B and even the taxpayers can download the Form 26QB after 15 days of uploading and a link will be provided on the software itself.

Gen online filing TDS software is definitely the best TDS solution for the return filing part for all the TCS/TDS returns as assumed by even the government of India. Also, the authorized tag has been provided by the TRACES CPC and NSDL portal. Also, the features like calculating TDS amount in advance and penalty assuming beforehand in a single step makes it much better in handling TDS filing.

Why Our TDS e-Filing Software Best for CA & Professionals

TDS e-Returns and Forms

Gen TDS software is capable of filing and completing all the required compliance by the government. The software offers multiple options like e-returns, validation of FVU, along with the error list.

TDS Returns Forms
  • Prepare TDS E-return Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q & 27EQ
  • FVU Generation and Validation
  • Warnings and Error List & in Important Cases
  • Calculation of Interest Report
  • Automatically Filled Forms, TDS e- challans
  • Quickly Generate Short TDS Reports

Multiple Advanced Tools

There are also multiple tools online given by the Gen TDS solution for all the taxpayers and companies. The features for the online tools are much more required for a smoother filing.

Advanced Tools
  • TDS Challan E-payment
  • Easy TDS/TCS Returns e-Filing
  • Forms 16 / 16A / 16B / 27D Download from TRACES
  • Facility Direct Access the TAN Registration Web Page
  • Request and Download Consolidated FVU File
  • Facility Online PAN Correction and TDS Challan

Various Option to Import/Export Data

Our TDS e-filing software is filled up with the most required import-export data tools for better and quick compliance towards the complete import and export of the data.

Import Export Data
  • Quick to Import and Export Data from Excel
  • See Old TDS e-return Data in Excel
  • Facility Data Import from '.txt' File
  • Import & Export Employee Salary Data from Others
  • See Your TDS Return Changes


The e-TDS software is the best solution for the e-services offered to the taxpayers and organizations for the betterment of the filing process. The e-services by Gen TDS have payment, and message services as vital.

  • TDS e-Payment
  • Fast Message Services
  • Request Tr. based Report
  • View uploaded return details
  • Request Justification Report

Save Time and Money Via Gen TDS

The TDS return filing software is made as per the best design and solution to process accurate information and with master data. The data inputs are as per the TDS compliance and make a better alternative to taxpayers.

Save Time and Money
  • Easy to Use
  • Fastest TDS Filing
  • Safe Client Data Storage
  • Customer Support
  • License Based Key

Calc of Annual Taxable Salary

Our TDS return software is also helpful in the annual salary calculation as per the Deduction under Chapter VI-A and also the monthly salary calculation done on the basis of government set out rules with TDS.

Annual Taxable Salary
  • Put Basic Salary
  • Enter all Allowances Details
  • Enter Deductions Details
  • Enter Home Loan Interest & Other Details
  • Enter Other Income Details

Reasons of Gen TDS Gaining Massive Client Following in India

Software Listed on Govt NSDL Portal

Listed on NSDL as Official e-TDS Service Provider

The Gen e-TDS is an official software for TDS filing and is also recognizable by the official portal of NSDL and listed as an authorized e-TDS service provider.

Automated & Easy Process

Complete Automated Process

The Gen E-TDS software is developed to reduce efforts and by keeping this in mind, the experts have completely automated the software filing return . This task is made easy by the import and export option for self filling data of several forms.

Simply to Use Software

Easy to Use Software

Our TDS is the most reliable as well as user friendly software for the clients who are not even technical with the software. The software is intuitive and holds all the important features right on the screen through which the client can furnish all the details.

Low Price TDS Solution

Affordable TDS Solution

Gen E-TDS is the most affordable and efficient TDS/TCS return filing software across India with its lower pricing proportion compared with expensive and complex tools from other providers.

PAN Validation

PAN Validation

Our software validates the PAN information from the database and masters which helps in saving time of clients and also providing security in front of spectators.

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Clients Testimonials

Bhagwan Das Patel Testimonial

Wonderful and user friendly TDS return software. Also makes it easier to remember the compliances. Day to day emerging with improvements thus making it one of the most user friendly softwares for the professionals, CAs.

Bhagwan Das Patel, Bhagwan Patel & Associates

Amit Bajpai Testimonial

I am satisfied with the TDS software sites updates also it has made the working easy & convenient for me. I am Satisfied with the services and i request to everyone please try this software.

Amit Bajpai, Chartered Accountant