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Gen TDS/TCS Software

Gen TDS is a best TDS software providing most simple and user-friendly interface which is specially designed for filing the TDS and TCS returns online as per the norms & regulations of TRACES and CPC, India. By using our software which is an innovative tool, one can pre-determine the TDS amount, prepare TDS returns, calculate interest and penalty along with late filing fees all at one destination. It is an authorized TDS software, listed on the government of India's official tax information network website. Also, during the financial year 2012-13, it secured the highest rank in the Indian government's authorized TDS filing software list.

Moreover, professionals can directly log-in to the TRACES CPC and NSDL with our TDS return filing software, therefore no need of generating the user ID every time. Other significant details such as all India PIN codes, ISD codes, TAN/PAN AO codes, TIN FCs MICR & IFSC codes, Service tax ranges, Bank BSR codes etc. also come enabled with the software. The Gen TDS software is well versed with all the government norms and regulations and makes accurate calculations along with error-free and easy TDS return filing.

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TDS Return Filing Software Demo in Hindi
Gen eTDS Software Video Hindi
Demo of TDS Filing Software in English
Gen eTDS Software Video English

Highly Productive Features of Gen TDS Return E Filing Software

Online TDS/TCS e-return uploads
Online TDS/TCS E-return Uploads

Filing of TDS/TCS Statement (Regular or Correction) Directly Online via ITD Portal

15G/H Quarterly Register
15G/H Quarterly Register

Allows Quarterly Filing of 15G/15H Forms with Register Maintenance Facility

Lower Deduction/No deduction Forms
Lower Deduction/No Deduction Forms

Facilitates Generation in the Case of Lower Deduction and No Deduction Forms

15 CA/15CB filing
15CA/15CB Filing

Facility for Online Filing of 15CA/15CB According to the New Scheme with Both XML Generation Facility and Direct Uploading

TDS/TCS certificates
TDS/TCS Certificates

Generation of Form 16, 16A, 27D in PDF Format and Signed with a Digital Signature (Optional) along with the Email Facility

26QB/26QC filing
26QB/26QC Filing

Facility of Filing 26QB (Challan cum Statement of Deduction u/s 194IA), and 26QC (Challan cum Statement of Deduction u/s 194IB) is Available

Import/Export Facility
Import/Export Facility

Taxpayers can also Import / Export Data from MS-excel Files / Text File/ FVU File

Automatic calculation of interests and late fee
Interest and Late Fee Calculation

Automatic Calculation of Interests and Late Fee

Bulk PAN verification
Bulk PAN Verification

Gen TDS is also Capable of Bulk PAN Verification

Fresh TAN Application
Fresh TAN Application

Taxpayers can Also Apply for Fresh TAN or can Apply for Any Corrections in the Existing TAN Data

Challan E-payment
Challan E-payment

It also Generates Challan Along with the Facility of e-payment and Online Challan Verification is Available

Compatibility with browsers
Compatibility with Browsers

Compatible with All the Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc for e-Filing of TDS returns

Request Download
Request Download

Our TDS Return Filing Software Provides the Option of Request Download @ Trace Login Helping in Downloading All Those Requests you Put on Trace Website

Search Facility
Search Facility

It Offers Search Facilities Such as - All India PIN Codes, STD Codes, ISD Codes, TAN/PAN AO Codes, List of TIN FCs, Bank BSR Codes, Service Tax Ranges, MICR/IFSC Codes

Report Generation Facility
Report Generation Facility

Facilitates Generation of Various Reports in Single or Bulk Mode, Like Salary Certificates, Challan Wise Details, Deductee Wise Payment, Clients Not Having Pan/Address etc

Calculation of annual taxable salary
Calc of Annual Taxable Salary

Facilitates Calculation of Annual Salary after Giving an Effect of Deduction under Chapter VI-A along with Calculation of Month-wise Salary and TDS thereon

E-Filing of returns
E-Filing of Returns

Facilitates Preparation and E-filing of the Returns 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ with Proper Validations along with Declaration of Non-filing in Case of No TDS Deduction

Correction Statement Filing
Correction Statement Filing

Assists in Filing and Uploading of Correction Statement Along with Download Facility All the Requests like a Consolidated File, Justification Report, etc

Why Choose Gen TDS Return E-Filing Software?

Why Choose Gen TDS Software?
  • Complete TDS Return Compliance
  • Rated No. 1 TDS Filing Solution
  • Category Pricing INR 3500*
  • Trial Version Time 5 hours
  • Installation Guide by Support Team
  • Complete After Support

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