Gen Comp Law: MCA e-Filing Software with XBRL

Comp Law

Gen Complaw is one of the leading software in the field of integrated software for the solution of ROC e-Forms, XBRL, Resolutions, Minutes, Registers and various MIS reports. Our exquisite product just takes scanty time for the "XBRL" E-filing. It is very helpful in all statutory compliances under Companies Act, 2013 including maintenance of fixed assets register. It gives fast response in a short time and credible in task performance.

Installation` 15000 * Updation ` 4000 *
Demo of Gen Comp law (ROC Filing Software with XBRL) in English
Demo of Gen Comp law (ROC Filing Software with XBRL) in Hindi

Features of Gen CompLaw Software

LLP e-Filing with all the Latest e-Forms.
  • Company law software is now updated with the newly prescribed Companies Act, 2013.

We give you all type of forms regarding your company related matters which are as follows.

  • Annual filing forms.
  • Compliance related forms.
  • All charges related forms.
  • Director related forms.
  • Company incorporation forms.
  • Informational services forms.
  • Approval services forms.
  • Company registration forms
  • And we also provide you the attachments and sections help of the above mentioned e forms
  • MOA and AOA of Private and Public Limited Companies.
  • Various kinds of Resolutions (i.e. Ordinary, Special and Board Resolutions) as per new Companies Act 2013.
  • Notices as per new Companies Act 2013.
  • Formats of Minutes of various meetings (i.e. AGM, EOGM and Board Meeting).
  • Statutory Registers formats as per new Companies Act 2013.
  • Various kinds of report generation as per client’s requirements.
  • Compliance Checklist and generation of Compliance Report.
  • Preparation & e–filing of balance sheet, profit & loss A/c in XBRL format as per taxonomy & validation tool of MCA.
  • Rules, Circulars, Notifications as prescribed by the MCA from time to time.
  • Fixed Assets Register as per new Companies Act, 2013.
  • Form MGT: 7 for preparation of Annual Return.
  • Format of Directors Report as per Companies Act, 2013.
  • Summary Report as on date of the Company.
  • Important web links on a single click (for eg: ICAI, ICWAI, MCA etc)

Generation of various reports:

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Resolutions of both the types ordinary and special.
  • Notices for the meeting.
  • Minutes book like board, AGM and EGM.
  • Annual return [Schedule V]
  • Compliance Certificate generation.
  • Statutory registers.
  • Fixed assets registers with depreciation chart as per income tax act and companies act.
  • Debenture registers.
  • Digital signature register.
  • Share certificate.
  • Digital signature registers availability.
  • The user can generate various kinds of Bills and receipts.
  • Scheme forms like: - EES, FTE and CLSS etc.
  • Penalties - It's a suggestion which gives you the information that according to section who is liable for the penalty amount of particulars'.
  • Different kinds of reports can be generated according to the users wish:-
    • Company wise
    • Director wise
    • Shareholder wise
    • CA/CS wise
    • Subsidiary company wise.
  • The administrator uses this option to import previous year balance sheet & profit & loss account from form-23AC & 23ACA respectively.
  • The administrator can also import previous year balance sheet & profit & loss account from form-23AC & 23ACA respectively.
  • Facility of pre-fill company and master data.
  • Facility to import master data from MCA portal.
  • The administrator is having facility to import auditor’s master detail from form 23AC.
  • Integration of MCA'S new XBRL Taxonomy conversion with revised schedule VI, validation, Pre-scrutiny & e-filing (Gen-XBRL utility).
  • Special facility for the generation of the PDF files (e-form).
  • To save the time we have special provision to download all the latest versions of e-forms directly given on the MCA website.
  • The administrator has facility to create Director, Shareholder, CA, CS relative master which avoids duplicity of data.
  • The administrator has facility to create masters (resolution, minutes and agreement, etc.) with customization facility which avoids repetition of data.
  • Several resolutions are also available for the purpose other than e-filing.
  • Our software validates the complete e-form.
  • Facility to covert word and excel files into PDF.
  • Special feature of fee calculator.
  • The administrator has option to select authorized signatories from the list of directors authorized to sign the e-form.
  • No. of signatures of the same company can be added under one column for all the authorized signatories who can digitally sign the e-form.
  • The administrator can log in company wise in our software.
  • The administrator has an authority to log directly in the MCA portal in order to upload the e-forms.
  • The administrator has facility to create backup & restore data of the single company or of complete software.
  • Separate section for Management of LLP Affairs and LLP E-forms
  • Compliance Reminder for timely compliance
  • Compliance Check List
  • Bulk SMS and Email facility
  • Summery Report on all compliance
  • Data Locking facility is available
  • Administrator can maintain telephone directory.
  • Administrator can manage client wise scanned documents & label printing.
  • All India STD codes database
  • PAN/TAN codes & bank branch & BSR codes are available.

Following are the effortless & candid 4 steps by following which we deliver the solution for XBRL –filling:-

  • Step 1: Feeding the whole financial data with all relevant notes and disclosures in Excel sheet provided by us, to download the latest taxonomy XBRL sheet.
  • Step 2: Converting the XBRL Software sheet into XML file format by our Product "Comp Law" Software tool with professional(s) assistance.
  • Step 3: Validating the data through MCA tool.
  • Step 4: An instance document containing Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account will be generated as ready for e-filing.