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Gen GST Software: Secured GST e-Filing & Billing Software India

  • Unlimited Client E-filing + GSTR 3B
  • Single Click e-Payment of Taxes
  • Built in Highly Secured JAVA Language
  • Choose any GSP/ASP for e-Filing Returns
  • Free GST Software Available (SaaS)
  • Import Data in Returns from Billing
  • Auto Error Detection
  • Dedicated Mobile App
Gen GST Software Process
Gen GST Software India
Installation Starts at INR 5000 * Updation Starts at INR 2000 *
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Gen GST Rating Overall Rating is 4.6 out of 5.0 for Gen GST Software

The Gen GST software is designed and developed by SAG Infotech PVT LTD and is available in both Desktop and Online variants. The desktop variant is based on .NET Platform and the Online Variant is based on highly secured JAVA language. The Gen GST software (Billing and Returns Filing) is OS independent which means that regardless of OS running on the system, the software is all set to work and operate on the desktop right away from the installation. The Gen GST software is available for free download or anyone can avail online GST SaaS service working on the cloud, accessible anytime anywhere giving on-the-spot assistance to the small businesses in India for GST billing and e-filing purpose. Download free Demo.

The company has prepared multiple GST software modules that enable GST tax filing and invoicing work faster and easier all with the help of software. GST return filing will be done online and the payments will be accepted via Net Banking, Credit/Debit card, so considering the safety measures for professionals, the software is integrated with secured payment gateways. As there will be need of 37 GST returns filing per year which accounts for 3 returns per months making the task complex so to overcome this issue, the Gen GST software is compliant with every government prerequisites. Also, our GST billing software has the best user-interface presenting each and every feature displayed onboard used on day to day basis. Indian businesses can generate specific invoicing format along with sales and purchase invoice, e-way bills, payment voucher, refund voucher, credit note/debit note, shipping bill, purchase RCM and more productive features by our billing software.

GEN GST Software Live Demo Presentation

Innovative Features

of Gen GST Software for Taxpayers



Online (Cloud)

Advance Technology

Platform Independent

Software will be completely platform independent and it will available on Desktop, Mobile/Tab (iOS/Android both platforms), Cloud, and the Web. Our software also available for multi operating system such as Windows/Linux/Mac. For Online version hosting will be required. Desktop version will be available on windows platform only.
No Yes

Java, Highly Secured Language

Java brings some of the most fascinating features or benefits that are impossible to find in any other programming languages or platforms and Security is one of them. Security is an important aspect and Java’s security model is one of the key architectural features that make it most trustful choice. Even when it comes to Bank /Government related software there is only and most commonly used language is JAVA as it comes with high security features. Keeping all these points in mind and to give more advance secure GST software we have developed it in the JAVA Language.
No Yes

e-Filing using any Channel

Through this software user will have multiple options to file the Return like user can select from which GSP/ASP he/she want to go with, the user can also choose a direct mode to file the return that is through GST portal.
Yes Yes

Sync facility is also Available

From this facility, if you are user of Online Variant and also use the desktop variant then your entire daily work will get synchronized automatically from your desktop variant to online variant. For Example, if you are a CA and completed some piece of work at your office and your respective client has also done some piece of work by accessing the cloud variant then in this situation both pieces of work will automatically get synchronized. From this feature there is no need of repetition of work also at both ends the work will be updated.
No Yes

Mobile Application

With the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets businesses are faced with more and more opportunities every day that will radically change how their service or product is delivered and accessed. These days, businesses of all kinds, whether small, medium or large are taking advantage of the Mobile apps as it helps them stay competitive and increase productivity. The GST mobile app will be helpful while traveling, having easy access to all your work proves to be very useful. For example, if you are a CA and travelling somewhere out of your office/town, then GEN GST Mobile application will give you facility where you can instantly check the data uploaded by your client, you can modify/correct that data with all ease, and finally you can authorize/finalize the data. With the help of Mobile Application this will be possible.
No Yes

Creation of Masters

Our Gen GST Software will provide extended Masters Creation facility in which user can create masters of almost every database which will be used further in the software. From this user need not to enter the same data, again and again, anywhere in the software. It will save the time and increase the working speed.

Under masters feature, there is a unique option of Data Merging in which user can easily merge the similar kind/format of data/word/phrase to make the database more organize. For example, by mistake if you have used the same bank name with different spelling or format like “Bank of Baroda”, “BOB”, and “Bakn of Badaro” and so on, then with the use of merge function you can merge all these names with one name, this simply means that you can make one correct name with different or incorrect names. From this the corrected name will replicate at everywhere in the database.

With the merge option there is another option of Delete the Masters, under this option you can delete the Masters which are not in use. If you will click to delete the particular data which is in use at anywhere in the software then software will notify and will show the details about where it is in use.

To organize the Masters, user can see the list of all the master data which are not in use, from this facility user can delete all the unused master on single click.
Yes Yes

Invoice (Sale & Purchase) for Goods & Services

Billing for Goods and Services

This feature gives facility of customizing billing. From this feature user can import data for the return purpose and from this user need not to re-punch the data again and again for the same purpose. Our GST software can simplify your billing and save your time and money. Anyone without having accounting expertise can easily use our software hence there is no mandatory need to hire an accountant to use it.

In future, we will provide the payment option hence debtors can be easily manage in the software only. Debtors and creditor management can be available in the future updates of the Gen GST software.
Yes Yes

Purchase Invoice for Unregistered Dealers in Reverse Charges Mechanism (RCM)

Our GST Software is providing the facility to generate the purchase invoice in the case of purchases from Unregistered Dealers and having liability of reverse charges. In this case the recipient liability to pay the taxes. For this purpose our software will maintain the invoices.
Yes Yes

Debit Credit Note

Detailed report facility of invoices, debit notes, credit notes and revised invoices Of sales & purchases has been provided.
Yes Yes

Payment Voucher

In case of payment of bill/invoice there is need to generate the payment voucher to the respective Client. For this purpose our software will automatically maintain the easy payment voucher process in which you can also maintain the balance (excess/ demand) query of the respective client.
Yes Yes

Refund Voucher

This feature helps to generate the refund voucher from the clients. From this easy and simple process you can maintain the refund time line as well.
Yes Yes

Advance Receipt

Facility of advance receipt and computed GST on it has been provided
Yes Yes

Shipping Bill

Prepare shipping bills of your complete sales and foreign shipments with excise and customs details.
Yes Yes

e-Way Bill

Generate e-way bill at one click directly from the billing window for instant attachment
Yes Yes

Industry Specific Billing Format

Do not worry about any specific industry specific billing format like if you are from Jewellery, textile or any other industry, this software will give facility to create customized billing format based on your industry requirement.
Billing format will be also available as per the GST Guidelines in the software.
Yes Yes

Digital Signature of the Invoices

From GEN GST Software you will get Invoices with Digital Signature, so there is no need to take the print out. Also, you can mail it directly to your customers.
Yes Yes

Mailing facility to the Customers

The moment when an invoice will get generated, through Gen GST Software your respective customer will get an automatic mail for the intimation.
Yes Yes



User can do e-filing of return & invoicing through various modes like department portal, GSP/ASP and through directly GST portal. Under e-filing, our software will provide various return forms that are form no. GSTR-1, 1A, 2, 2A, 3, 3B, 4, 4A, 5, 5A, 6, 6A, 7, 7A, 8, 11. With these form our software will also provide two modes for e-filing that are FAST e-filing and DESCRIPTIVE e-filing.
Yes Yes

Invoice Uploading

Client can upload the invoices any time like on daily basis, on weekly basis or on monthly basis as per his/her convenience.
Yes Yes

Match Mismatch Report Notification

With the help of GST software client can share Match Mismatch reports with his/her counter party/respective seller-receiver. Our Gen GST software gives unique feature of sharing the notification in which CA can share the notification via SMS and Emails to its clients and further if clients want then they can share the notifications via SMS and Email with buyer-seller.
Yes Yes

Auto Error Identification

For user it is always very hard to find records with error but in our software user just need to click on the error and our software automatically take the user to the exact point of the error. Therefore to save the time and to automate the process our software will automatically detect the error record.
Yes Yes

Import-Export Facilities

Import Facility From Renowned Accounting Software

It is always very important to have connectivity with renowned accounting software therefore our GST software will have the capability to import data from any popular accounting software.
Yes Yes

Import and Export in Excel

User can easily import the different GST return & invoicing from Excel format to the software and also can export the software data to Excel format. For this purpose customize template will be also available in the software.
Yes Yes

Import and Export from Excel Templates Provided by GSTN

Our software will give facility to the user where they can directly import/export the pre decided excel template provided by the GSTN. From this feature user need not search for any other connectivity.
Yes Yes

Import From e-File (JSON)

Now JSON files will be just a click away from the user. The Software will give facility where the user can import the JSON file generated by any software or any utility to the GST software.
Yes Yes

Direct Filing to GST Portal if Provided by GSTN

If GSTN provide, then our software will give facility for direct filing to the GST Portal. If user wants then our software will redirect them directly to the GST Portal.
Yes Yes

Import From Invoice Section

With the help of billing feature you can directly import the billing data into GSTR1 and further can upload it on the department’s website. There is no need to search for any other connectivity for this purpose.
Yes Yes

SMS/Email Facility to Clients

User can send notifications with their respective clients about the status of e-file return, whether it is pending and what is the reason of pendency. From this the respective client will know the status of his/her return instantly.
Yes Yes

Unique Client Authentication Mechanism

Our GST software will give facility to CA to create unlimited Client. Under the online variant a CA can give right to the clients for inserting/modifying/deleting the data. That particular client can further give rights to the buyer-seller to check the data with the same option. These rights provide by the CA and further by the clients, subsequently will be managed by password protection hence only after having password provided by CA, client can insert/modify/delete the data. Same, after having password provided by client, buyer-seller can insert/modify/delete the data. Once any change made by buyer-seller then client can authorize the changes and changes made by client then CA can authorize the changes hence it will always authorize by the CA and then only it will get finalized. For example, X (CA), Y (Client), Z (Buyer-Seller of client). In this situation X will give allow inserting/modifying/deleting rights to Y and further Y will give the same rights to Z. The moment Z will make any changes it will go for authorization to Y and the moment Y will make any change it will go for authorization to X. So in this situation final authorization will be always in hand of X.
No Yes


Client (any businessman) and Professionals (practitioner CA/CS/Advocates/Auditors etc.) can register themselves under the GST at GST Portal. Our software will provide certain forms as per the type of registration such as:
  • Registration for Regular Dealer – Form no. REG-1, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 16.
  • Registration Composition Dealer – Form no. CMP-1, 2, 3, 4.
  • Registration for Practitioner- Form no PCT-1.
Yes Yes


It takes just minutes to make an online payment and no technical experience is necessary. User can make e-Payment of Challan, different liabilities like penalty, interest & taxation. For e-Payment our software will provide certain forms such as form no. PMT-1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7. Also, our software connects the user to the secure payment gateway of government portal so you can enjoy the speed, ease and security of paying online.
Yes Yes

Input Tax Credit

It is always painful to calculate Input Tax Credit out of entire purchasing of goods and services. Our software will automatically calculate your Tax liability which you can directly adjust from your Net Tax Liability. Also to make this feature more useful under ITC our software will provide certain forms such as form no. ITC-1, 2, 3, and 4.
Yes Yes

Advance Security

User Right

With customizable user permission settings and access, our software continues to work as a secure software by catering to everyone associated with your projects and business. Under this, admin can assign rights to the users of the software. Under assign right admin can also assign rights to limit the controls of the software, to limit the view of the software, to limit the page wise control rights.
Yes Yes

Client/Year Wise Password Protection

This is the unique feature where users can protect the entire yearly data or particular important client with a password whose work has been done. From this security no one other then who knows the password can open the data of that particular password protected year. For example if user wants to give password protection to the FY 2015-2016 then in very easy steps user can give the password protection to that particular year. If user wants to give password to particular client XYZ and Associated then user can give the password protection to that particular client as well.
Yes Yes

Return Lock Facility

The Lock facility gives the power where a user can lock the returns as per the return status of particular return. For example, if you have marked the return status as Completed then no one can change the data until and unless it will get unlock.
Yes Yes


This feature will give power to see the detailed Log about when, how, and by whom this software was used in terms of modifying, inserting, and deleting. Also Admin can check complete user wise Log list where admin can easily see the separate list of each user's log. This feature can be also used as an audit trial.
Yes Yes

Interactive Date/Week/Month Wise Reports

Whatever invoices has been uploaded, there is a facility to view date wise reports for the purpose of crosscheck.
Yes Yes

General Features

LAN Connectivity

Software will have LAN connectivity from which user can avail all the facilities of online version and extend the connection to another computer through LAN connections.
Yes No


The Software will include the Help facility from which user can take guidance, this help will get update on daily basis, and hence there will be almost no chances of getting no answer of your question.
Yes Yes


This feature will protect your data from partial or total loss. It automates the backup process to save your precious time. It encrypts your backup to protect your data from any unauthorized usage. Under this feature user can take broadly two types of backup that are Full Software Backup and Client Specific Backup. Further each type of backup will have 3 categories that are Full Backup, Incremental Backup, and Differential Backup. Full Backup- Under this software takes complete backup of your data. Incremental Backup - Under this GST software automatically take backup of files that have changed since the previous backup. Differential Backup - Under this, software automatically take backup of the data that has changed since the last full backup.
Yes Yes

SEP’s (Suggestions/Errors/Problems)

Our software will have unique feature from which user can easily give suggestions related to software directly from the software. Also, if user find any technical error or/and any functional problem then also user can report the same directly from the software. From this feature there is no need to engage yourself in calling customer support for the solution.
Yes Yes

Customize Theme

Chances are that no software will exactly match your personal choices therefore our software take care of your Personal choices in term of theme, color and User Interface of the software. From this feature you can itself change the theme, color of the software as per his/her choice to give it a personal touch.
No Yes
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Free Demo

Pricing Plan of Gen GST Software



Gen GST Software for Billing and E-Filing

Price INR 5000
Updation INR 2000/Per Year
GSTIN Reg Unlimited
e-Filling Charges As Per ASP/GSP

Note : LAN Charges Additional i.e. INR 500 + Tax Per LAN






Application Charges INR 19999 INR 29999 INR 79999
Mobile APP Charges (iOS+Android) INR 10000 INR 10000 INR 10000
GSTIN No. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Client Login (Online) 10 100 500
Employee Login 3 10 25
Hosting Space 10 GB 50 GB 500 GB
Bandwidth 5 GB/Per month 25 GB/Per month 300 GB/Per month
e-Filing Charges As Per ASP/GSP As Per ASP/GSP As Per ASP/GSP
Additional Per Client Login INR 500/Per Year INR 300/Per Year INR 200/Per Year
Additional Per Employee Login INR 2999/Per Year INR 2499/Per Year INR 1999/Per Year

Hosting Charges

Hosting Pricing Standard (India) INR 4999/Per Year INR 9999/Per Year INR 39999/Per Year
Hosting Pricing Standard (USA) INR 3999/Per Year INR 8999/Per Year INR 34999/Per Year
Hosting Pricing Cloud INR 19999/Per Year INR 49999/Per Year INR 199999/Per Year

Domain Charges

Standard Domains Charges INR 750/Per Year INR 750/Per Year INR 750/Per Year

Per Client Online Login Charges Standard Hosting(Indian)

Application Charges (A) INR 19999 INR 29999 INR 79999
Hosting Pricing Standard (India) (B) INR 4999/Per Year INR 9999/Per Year INR 39999/Per Year
Total (C = A+B) INR 24998 INR 39998 INR 119998
Client Login (Online) (D) 10 100 500
Per Client Login Cost (E = C/D) INR 2500 INR 400 INR 240

Per Client Online Login Charges Standard Hosting(USA)

Application Charges (A) INR 19999 INR 29999 INR 79999
Hosting Pricing Standard (USA) (B) INR 3999/Per Year INR 8999/Per Year INR 34999/Per Year
Total (C = A+B) INR 23998 INR 38998 INR 114998
Client Login (Online) (D) 10 100 500
Per Client Login Cost (E = C/D) INR 2400 INR 390 INR 230

Per Client Online Login Charges Cloud Hosting

Application Charges (A) INR 19999 INR 29999 INR 79999
Hosting Pricing Cloud (B) INR 19999/Per Year INR 49999/Per Year INR 199999/Per Year
Total (C = A+B) INR 39998 INR 79998 INR 279998
Client Login (Online) (D) 10 100 500
Per Client Login Cost (E = C/D) INR 4000 INR 800 INR 560

Note : Above mention each and every prices are excluding all applicable taxes. All above prices calculation without domain included. Terms & Conditions

Gen GST Software Price Calculator

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Price Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Gen GST software all about?
Gen GST software is a highly acclaimed Goods and services tax billing software which is developed by SAG Infotech, an organisation with decades of tax solution market holding. The software is blessed with some of the most updated and innovative features to sort out all the complex GST related tasks and tax filing.
2. Can I file GSTR-3B return using the Gen GST Software?
Yes, Our GST software now allows you to easily file your tax returns using GSTR 3B form directly from your desktop application. Just download and install the software on your system and start filing the GSTR-3B return now.
3. What about data backup if in case I lost my data?
Yes, you will be able to recover all your data from our servers at any time in case of any data loss.
4. How can it be downloaded?
There are three ways to acquire our Gen GST software:
Cloud version - The user can use the software on cloud computing and the data will be stored online with no extra capacity required. A login id will be issued to the user and can be recovered anytime of forgotten.
PC Suite - A PC suite will be given to the buyer which can be installed on a desktop with full functionality.
Online Download - The user can also download the software from the download link provided by the company along with the activation key.
5. What are the unique features of Gen GST software?
The Gen GST software will be the most innovative GST software available in the market. The software will be accommodating features like Platform Adaptability, Security of Database, Built in JAVA language, Import/Export of data from anywhere, Unlimited client authentication and much more.
6. Is there billing facility with the GST Software?
Yes, the software is capable of customised billing and can import data directly from the billing for filing returns. The software also provides industry-specific billing.
7. Will the GST Software import data from other locations?
Yes, the software can import data from all the renowned software of accounting and is also able to import/export data from Excel sheets for the purpose of invoicing and GST returns filing.
8. Is there any demo for the software?
Yes, the demo will be available for the prospective clients to have an outlook of our one of the best GST software. Just follow the link and register yourself for the demo.
9. What are the services associated with the Gen GST software?
The software will provide each and every service related to the GST billing, e-filing, accounting, account reconciliation, mismatch notification and much more.
10.Can I use free service of Gen GST before buying pro-version?
Yes, you can use the free-version of Gen GST software for a limited time period and with limited number of features. Although, we recommend buying the full software if you want to enjoy the complete unique features along with unlimited e-filing capability. The cloud version (online) software is free to use for one GSTIN (GST Identification Number), i.e for a single business or person.

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