Business Terms for Online Gen GST Software with CA Website

The user of the website is complied under terms & conditions given below:

  • The Hosting, GST Application, CA Portal charges or any other related charges will be applicable on Yearly basis for example, if you have paid amount on 1st July 2022 and Invoice Issued on 5th July then the hosting service will be available till 4th July 2023 (Kindly note that the date of your invoice is the first day of your service, while the domain booking, website or application takes around 3 working days for deployment, still the application expire date will be 4th July 2023).
  • CA Portal and all GST online applications are under ‘right to use’ and for the same reason, if you do not renew your application/website then the SAG Infotech have the right to remove application/website from your or our server and discontinue access for your application/website.
  • As all GST online applications and websites run on a yearly thus you need to renew your application with hosting or domain if any before 7 days of the renewal due date (7 days before 4th July 2023).
  • The company will have to mandatorily receive the domain renewal fees before expiry of your domain and if not received on time, it will not be responsible if domain gets expired. Also, note that it will take 24 to 48 hours to populate the domain on servers if domain renewal after expiry. Kindly be aware that after 15 days of domain expiration, the domain goes into deletion mode and in this condition, we cannot guarantee renewal or purchase back of your domain.
  • In case if you deny the renewal of your application please make sure the decision is taken before the last date of renewal, also, we request you to take backup of your application as if there is no renewal of application is done after the expiry date, we have the right to remove your data from our server and SAG Infotech does not provide any backup after the expiry date in case if you do not renewal application application/website request.
  • Three (3) logins (Including Admin Login) are available with this package.
  • Require Hosting, Space, Bandwidth, Domain/Subdomain and SSL. All services will be provided by SAG only except domain/subdomain (You can also host application and CA Portal on your existing domain/subdomain)
  • If a client purchases additional software as an add-on to the package afterwards, the domain and hosting will not be extended above the calendar year i.e. 12 months period of license for domain and hosting. For example, in a package, if a client purchases e-filing on 15 Dec 2022 and further purchase e-way bill on 15 Jan 2023, the original date of domain and hosting expiration will be 15 Dec 2023 itself as the original domain and hosting is available for a calendar year only.
  • Additional domain (.in,.com and costs will be minimum 1000.00 + GST subject to availability within 1000.00.
  • Being a shared server, we are bound for limited data to process, if you need to process large data we suggest you go with a dedicated server that cost will be shared as per your requirement.
  • One addon login charges 1000.00 INR + GST (Extra login validity as per application license expiry date for example if you purchase application on 20 February 2023 and on 30 June 2023 you purchase addon login then your addon login validate till 19 February 2024 as per application license date).
  • Domain name to host application purchase by customer from any other third party and if before application license renewal date customer domain expired and he/she need to renew domain to continue access of application (For example if you purchase domain for 1 year on 15 January 2023 and renewal due date of application license on 25 May 2024. In this case the customer needs to renew his/her domain on 14 January 2024 to continue access application).
  • If domain purchase by SAG for any other online application like Online payroll or CA Portal and you host Online GST on that sub domain then customers also need to renew the domain to access application till validity of application license (For example if you purchase CA Portal on 20 January 2023 and same date your domain booked “” and on 25 May 2023 you purchase online GST application which host on subdomain of CA portal domain then customer need to renewal domain on 19 January 2024 to continues access application.).
  • For add-on 5 GB HDD space changes will be 1500.00 INR + GST. Extra HDD space provides multiple of 5GB. (Extra HDD space validity as per application license expiry date for example if you purchase application on 20 February 2023 and on 30 June 2023 you purchase addon HDD space then your addon login validate till 19 February 2024 as per application license date).
  • Due to any addition such as client (GST No.) login, employee login, hosting Space, bandwidth etc.) extra charges will be applicable.
  • Users need to pay the applicable charges for using the GSP/ASP channel to that respective GSP/ASP selected by him/her.
  • Our hosting is based on Indian data center and we never share or use client data under any condition.