Gen Time Logger - Best Biometric Time Attendance System

Gen Time Logger System

Gen Time Logger is a desktop based attendance software, which works together with the Biometric Time Attendance System. It is an innovative attendance management tool for the organizations, which dealing great with the issues of attendance like how to manage employee attendance, employee leaves, shift timings, etc. Using our SAG Time Logger attendance software, you can effectively manage each of these things at your location.

This Product is Discontinued and No Longer Available

Features of Gen Time Logger (Biometric Time Attendance System)

Biometric Machine Profile
  • This software is compatible for every type of machines such as retina scanner, fingerprint scanner, voice recognition, etc.
  • Each machine has a unique code.
Employee Explorer Enroll
  • It allows you to register the information of the employee.
Shift management
  • Employee auto shift configuration - It automatically configures the shift of the employee.
  • Weekly off - It manages the weekly off by employee wise and shift wise.
Employee Shift Roster
  • This section allows you to manage the shifts and week-offs of the employees.
Attendance Rules Policies
  • Employee wise
  • Shift wise
Live Tracker
  • It uses to track the login and logout time of employees. And, the other given options are absent, present, late come, late gone, earlier come and earlier gone.
  • It allows you to track the employee's break log live summary.
  • You can get the live log from the machine
  • You can get log from the machine
  • You can get log from the database
  • You can get log from other resources like excel sheet
  • Employee attendance logs editor
It allows you to post the attendance to the payroll and online payroll.
MIS Report
  • It provides the attendance summary employee wise and month wise.
Total days
  • This field contains total days, off days, present days, half days, total leave days, total working, total break time, total brakes, actual working over time, late come, early gone, early come and late gone.
Export all employee attendance reports in excel sheet, PDF file and doc file.
Date Wise Attendance
  • Employee and month wise detail report.
  • Date wise device log report.
  • Employee wise late or early come report.
  • Date wise employee report.
Employee Shift Planner
  • The Employee Shift Planner decides the shift of the employee like day shift and night shift. And, you can adjust the shift planner for the employee, according to your need.
Attendance Remark
  • It allows you to remark the employee attendance as per the adjusted time slot. For example, if the employee punching in between 10.00 am to 10.15 am then it should be considered as pardon delay, but if the time exceeds then it should be considered as a half day.
Holiday Master
  • The holiday master manages all the national holidays.
Employee Report
  • This software generates the report of the employee on the excel sheet. And, you also can manage the reports on the basis of shift wise and department wise.