Privacy of Customer Data is a product of SAG Infotech Pvt Ltd

At SAG Infotech, we do our best to protect and respect the privacy of our clients in every way possible. We value our relationship with our clients and want you to feel completely secure and safe when using our products and services and sharing your personal/private and tax return details with us.


This privacy policy governs all SAG Infotech products, websites and services that relate to the statements in this policy.

Information Collection

  • While buying a tax product or service with us, we may ask you to share information such as your name, email address, etc. in order to verify that the payment and other information is genuine. We may use this information while creating your account on the website.
  • When registering on the website (, we may ask you to create unique credentials, including a user id and password for your account. We may also ask for your email addresses in order to be able to get in touch with you for future communications related to product/service you purchase with us.
  • We may also sometimes collection user information about the income, tax deductions, credit, and other tax return information in order to provide services such as income tax return filing, return preparation and advice on tax matters.
  • We may also collect your browser information, including IP address, browser type, pages you visit and content you see on our website, and your previous links details in order to better track your movements and provide personalised experiences accordingly.

Information Use

  • We, in no way, sell or provide your personal information or tax return details to any third-party.
  • We never share your information, in any way, with any third-party for any purpose.
  • We never use your tax return details for our personal or promotional/marketing purpose.
  • SAG Infotech will only use your information to provide you with personalised services, manage your account, communicate with you, and to improve our services/products based on your experience. We may also use your contact details for providing you with services/information that you request for and to occasionally share information about our products and services. We use your payment information only to charge you for services or products that you purchase from us. We use your tax return details only to file returns on your behalf and provide relates services and assistance to you.
  • We may often track your usage information along with other users of the website in order to understand user behaviour and experience with SAG Infotech products & services. We do not use any information that may reveal or harm your identity in any way.
  • SAG Infotech’s Records Management Policy allows us to maintain copies of every tax return that we file on behalf of our clients. This enables us to provide you with a copy of your returns with us as well as use your information to assess your claims.
  • We may occasionally hire the services of other companies who may offer you services on our behalf, but these companies cannot use your information for their personal purpose.
  • The law or legal process may require us to sometimes access and/or disclose your tax-related and personal information to protect or defend SAG Infotech. For instance, we may be required to access/open your files in response to a court order, subpoena or search warrant.

Information Security

SAG Infotech is committed to protecting the personal and tax information of its clients and users from loss and misuse and uses state-of-the-art security mechanisms, procedures and practices for the same. All tax returns and information of clients are maintained with proper security and safeguards. We also constantly update and review our security procedures to ensure completely protection. We use high-grade encryption to protect your sensitive information such as tax details and credit card information that you send to us via online or offline mechanism. Also, our employees are committed and trained to protect your details at any cost.

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