R-VAT - Rajasthan VAT Solution Software


As filing of VAT/CST returns is a laborious and cumbersome work, so SAG presents RVAT Software, which provides rapid and quick solutions related to the filing of VAT and CST Returns. The software resolves your query in a short span of time. The whole work from e-Registration to e-Return filing is provided by us. It’s a complete user friendly solution! It helps to calculate VAT payable, prepare periodic return, annual return and audit report and create tax challan and maintain MIS of return filed and pending returns.

This Product is Discontinued and No Longer Available
Free Demo of Gen R-VAT Software in English
Free Demo of Gen R-VAT Software in Hindi

Features of R-Vat Software

  • Preparation of Annual Report
  • Automatic display of Matured NSC
  • Creation of Challan.
  • E-filing of Return Forms
  • Preparation of all CST Forms.
  • Preparation of WCT Forms.
  • E-return Files can be generated in Excel Format.
  • Preparation of LTH Reports.
  • Report of NSC Details.
  • All Blank Forms are available.
  • E commerce operator forms are also available
The following major forms available are:
  • Form 01and Form A: Registration of VAT & CST
  • Form 1B: Affidavit for obtaining e-registration
  • Form 10: Quarterly Return
  • Form 10A: Annual Return
  • Form 07, 07A: Purchase Register
  • Form 08, 08A, 09: Sales Register
  • Form 11: Annual Return
  • Form 26: Certificate of CA
It gives a facility to import your master client data from our import/export sheet. Import from online In:
  • VAT-10, VAT-10A, VAT-7A, VAT-8A
  • Import Challan from Online for VAT-10
  • Import Client Master Data By TIN No
  • e-Grass Option
  • Automated Online Activity