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Gen Project Finance

The Gen Project Finance helps in integrating and controlling all your important information by the automation of process for faster and accurate reporting. Our Personal financial management software replaces all the manual, error-prone, spreadsheet- based processes with automation, full control and visibility. The finance management software helps in financial planning and producing all the required reports for financial assistance given by the bank authorities. Hence, Gen Project Finance solves all your problems regarding CMA requirements, within the scant time without any error.

This Product is Discontinued and No Longer Available
Free Demo of Gen Project Finance Software
Free Demo of Gen Project Finance Software in Hindi

This software is basically categorized in two parts:-

  • (A) Project Finance
  • (B) CMA
  • (A) Project Finance The Project Finance Software offers the facility of generating various reports:
  • 1. Master Reports: The facility of maintaining various lists considered as Master Reports is given to the users. The lists which user can manage for his/her convenience are given below:
    • > Client list
    • > Project list
    • > Promoter list
    • > Consultant list
  • 2. Revenue Reports:The income related reports of the company with detailed information on the sources and the income from these sources are the Revenue Reports. The reports that are included in the Revenue Reports are-
    • >Sales Realization(Domestic/Export): The conversion of goods, services and assets into cash, provided to the clients also be performed by Gen Project Finance. The user easily calculates Sales Realization by the given three methods in the software- Product basis, Year basis and Percentage basis.
    • >Other Operating income: he report of the operating income is easily obtained by the user. Miscellaneous income: The Gen Finance avails the user to view and create reports of the operating income in three different basis of Product, Year and the Percentage.
    • >Miscellaneous income: The user can generate the report of the income of various types and from different sources. The only thing to do is to select the sources and the basis of income, which user wants to include in the report.
    • >Export Benefit income: The income in the form of benefit from the exported product of the company can be reported in the prescribed format.
    • >Captive consumption
    • >Loan or Capacity and Quantitative Details
  • 3. Expense Report: The Gen Business Finance management software facilitates the user to prepare Reports for the expenses made by the company. The software also gives the facility of generation of the report separately for different expenses. The user can generate reports of the following expenses-
    • > Main Material Cost
    • > Other Material Cost
    • > Consumables Stores
    • > Employees Expenses
    • > Packing Material Cost
    • > Fuel Expenses
    • > Repair and Maintenance Expenses
    • > Power and Electricity Expenses
    • > Selling Expenses
    • > Royalty and Other Charges
    • > Other Manufacturing Expenses
    • > Intangible Assets (w/o)
    • > Administrative Expenses
    • > Depreciation (Profitability/IT)
    • > Interest on Debentures and Bonds
    • > Interest on EI Loans
    • > Interest on Term Loan
    • > Interest on Unsecured Loans and Deposits
    • > Tax on Profits
    • > Assets against Lease Agreement
    • > Miscellaneous Financial Charges
    • > Other Expenses
  • 4. Financial Reports:
    The financial reports allows the user to use this software as a money control system. The reports related to the management of the large amount of money by the company comes under this category. The user can generate and view reports from the given options of Generate Reports and View Reports.
  • The parts of the Financial Reports that can be used, includes:
    • > Statement of Profitability
    • > Balance Sheet (Summarized/ Detailed)
    • > Assessment Working Capital Requirement (Actual/ Projected)
    • > BEP(Break Even Point) Analysis
    • > Project at Glance
    • > Stakeholders Status
    • > COP and Means of Finance
    • > IRR(Internal Rate of Return)
    • > Indexed IRR
    • > Sensitivity Analysis-I, II, III, IV
  • 5. Project Theory:This option gives the final report of the project which contains project details, indexing of all the used reports, etc. The User can take this final report in the word format.
    Options: It gives the facility of selecting multiple reports from the list, while printing the reports. The other features like backup, restore, log file, import client, etc. are also present in the Gen Finance software.
  • (B) CMA
    • > Import of data from Project Finance and from Genius: The Gen Project Finance Software enables user to import actual and projected data on the Balance Sheet and the Revenue Statement of the Genius and Project Finance here in the CMA section of the software.
    • > The Percentage Basis and Ratio Basis are the available methods to estimate the projected years, if CMA is not linked to the Project Finance.
    • > The Facility of importing data from Project Finance on the basis of user's requirement is given in the software. As, user can import data of all projected year, all existing year, all year and of any particular year.
    • > Other Details- It avails the preparation of sheets regarding bank details like the name of the Bank, Nature of Facility, Exiting Limits, Limits utilized during 12 months, outstanding amount and the requested limit. User can save and delete multiple banks as per the requirements.
    • > The following CMA Reports is generated from Gen Finance:
      • > form-I(Particulars of the existing or proposed Limits)
      • > Form-II (Operating Statement)
      • > Form-III (Analysis of the Balance Sheet)
      • > Form-IV (Comparative Statement of the Current Assets and the Liabilities)
      • > Form-V (Computation of the MPBF)
      • > Form-VI (Fund Flow Statement Report)
    • > Cash Flow Statement
    • > Financial and Appraisal Parameters(Different Ratio Analysis Report with Calculation)
    • > DSCR (Sensitive Analysis, fully Consolidated and Standalone)
  • General Features:
    • > All the Project Reports and CMA Reports are exported in excel and word.
    • > It also allows the user to generate the reports for maximum 5 years of actual and 10 years of projected duration.
    • > Project Report is generated for existing and proposed project.