Gen PC Spy: Computer Monitoring Software for Windows

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In the age of rapidly growing technologies, the business organizations are facing a number of issues related to the employees and their work such as low employee productivity, unauthorised work activity by the employees and other time-wasting factors at the workplace. Keeping-in-mind all the aspects, SAG Infotech developed Gen PC Spy, a smart employee PC monitoring software which enables the admin to keep an easy track record of the employees’ computer activity at every single moment. And further, it allows to change the settings on the real-time basis. The interesting thing is that it runs in the background without even getting noticed by any of the individuals. Compatible with windows 7, 8 and 10 versions, it can be used in any organisation like school, college, cyber cafe and Startups. Besides monitoring, this software comes with a long list of innovative features like it can block the access to any removable storage device such as pen drives/CD/HDD and restrict any installation from foreign source. To explore the software features, scroll down..

This Gen PC Spy software is currently available on the basis of free trial or full version licensed software on the payment of a nominal fee.

This Product is Discontinued and No Longer Available
Gen PC Spy: Employee Monitoring Software Demo (English)
Gen PC Spy: Employee Monitoring Software Demo (Hindi)


Admin Control:-
  • Monitoring:- Admin holds the right to inspect anyone PC in an Incognito mode where the tracked PC will not be getting any notification. The admin can also record video and capture image of the activities along with controls over mouse and keyboard.
  • Auto Screen Recordings:- The employee's PC can be set for scheduled screenshot and video recording.
  • File/Folder Synchronisation:- Enables the Admin to synchronise single/multiple file/folder from any employee's computer to his/her own computer.
  • File/Folder Backup:-Allows the Admin to take backup of single/multiple file/folder from any employee's computer to his/her own computer.
  • File/Folder Monitor:-Admin can monitor any folder on any employee PC so that every file operation done by him got recorded and can be seen later by admin.
  • File/Folder Protection:-Safeguard the system’s files/folders thereby prohibiting user to have complete access unless permitted.
  • Install/Uninstall Prohibition :- Block both the installation, uninstallation and update of any software on employee’s PC.
  • Block CD-ROM/Pen Drives:- Block any removal storage drives like pen drive, CD-ROM and hard drives on the client’s PC.
  • Block Software Access:- Block any software’s installed in client’s PC.
  • Secured Internet Access:- This feature allows the user to block internet access on any particular employee’s PC connected through Gen PC Spy Software.
  • User Rights:- Allow or block websites for any specific users.
Activity logs and information:-
  • Software Information:- Complete information of software’s installed in the employee's PC including the details of any new software are being installed/uninstalled.
  • Hardware Information:- Complete information of hardware of employee's PC including the details of any changes being made in hardware.
  • Web Logs:- List of each web page visited by the employee.
  • Attendance logs:- Complete List of employee PC shutdown, start, logoff, logon timing.
  • Application logs:- Detailed List of each application used by an employee with timings.
  • Miscellaneous Logs:- Other logs such as chat logs, screenshot, recordings, file monitor logs, clipboard logs etc.
  • Filter Logs:- All logs can be filtered by employee's PC/User wise and also with date interval.
  • Messenger:- All the PC Spy software enabled computers can chat and share files with each other.
  • Reminder:- This will allow the user to set a reminder to any client connected through Gen PC Spy.
  • Video Conferencing:- This will enable admin to have a video conference with its employees. And while conferencing via webcam, it allows the user to have real-time chatting.