1. What is Gen-Smart Bill is all about?


  • Gen-Smart Bill is a simple and affordable Billing Software that works smarter than other invoice and billing software with advanced features. To make it simple, it is specifically designed with all service tax norms in mind.
  • Gen-Smart Bill streamlines your business management process with efficiency and can also create a fully customized report module.

2. What are the basic features of the Gen-Smart Bill?

Answer: This software facilitates Service Industry or any other organizations which are looking for billing solutions:

  • Render service to your customers without billing.
  • Performa Invoice to provide an estimate for services.
  • Direct billing of rendered services.
  • Direct billing of services from Performa Invoice.
  • Quotations for advance receipts against non billed services.
  • Issue of Credit Note in case of reversal of services.
  • Bulk Billing for creating multiple bills with a single click.
  • Bulk Printing for printing multiple bills with a single click.
  • Bulk E-Mail for mailing all pending dues of your customers in bulk with a single click.

3. How is this software beneficial to us?

Answer: This real-time Billing software has a professional, reliable and secure working and, it requires no technical learning to handle and run it. So, don't delay any longer, take a quick decision and make this automated billing service a vital part of your business.

Billing needs to be executed along with applicable tax in 14 days as per Service Tax act, under the following conditions:

  • Service rendered, but bill not issued.
  • Advance received, but service has not been provided yet.
  • Billing done, but no advance received and no service rendered.
  • One will have to check and keep track of conditions which are aforementioned such as track person and his/her details including due amount. And, all will be decided on the basis of service type. Whether the service is rendered or not also matters for the same.
  • Similarly, certain other indiscriminate needs are also there  to match the same with clients on which numerous issues also arises, leading to a situation where it becomes difficult to calculate the exact due amount. And, we used to take a lump-sum amount.
  • This software let you to provide an exact outstanding status of your client’s ledger.
4. Is it possible to transfer this data further for accounting purposes?

Answer: Yes, all your bills and receipt vouchers can be exported to Tally for further to keep accounting and you can also get all the reports in Tally as well.

5. Can we generate Outstanding amount Report of our clients and customers?

Answer: Yes, SmartBill is a Multiple Branch and Multiple Department based system. So, it could be possible with it to maintain various branches within a company and all departments in a branch, with full security system.

6. Is there any facility for customer to online access?

Answer: Yes, it offers you an Online Panel that facilitates your Clients with advanced capabilities. It allows them to access their statements and outstanding Reports from anywhere, and anytime through any Web Enabled Services. In other words, the customers will be able to check or access their bills and receipts at their own suitable place.

7. Is this software useful to make billing of the different types of services?


  • Yes, This software is worth for companies or organizations. Different types of services given in Service Tax Rules and others are provided by this software on which the organizations can work efficiently.
  • This one software can help them in creating bills & receipts of different types of services.

8. Can we make bulk billing on a single click?

Answer: Yes, We can make billing in bulk on a single click with no loss of time.

9. Can we print multiple bills on a single click?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to print multiple bills on a single click as this software has an option for the same.

10. What is Customer Service mapping?

Answer: Mapping is a process which provides linking between the customer and services. For e.g. If a company provides more than one services, then it can map the availed services to the customer.

11. Is there any automatic Tax calculation Facility?

Answer: Yes, there is an automatic Tax calculation facility in it.

12. How many modes of payment are there in this software?

Answer: There are four modes of payment as:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Online Banking : RTGS/NEFT
  • Cheque/Demand draft
  • 13. What kind of reports is generated?


  • Customers' Details Report.
  • Customer's Statement.
  • Customers' Closing Balance Report.
  • Customer's Consolidated Statement.
  • Customer's Ledger
  • Service Register
  • Day Book for billing, receipts, credit note, payment etc.
  • Tax Register.
  • ST-3 Register.
  • 14. Can I export the data in Tally, Excel sheet, PDF or Word format from Gen-Smart Bill?


    • All SmartBill Vouchers can be exported to Tally, Excel sheet, PDF and Word from Smart Bill.
    • Thus, it saves time with smoothness.
    • Customers’ master data can also be moved easily from Tally To SmartBill.

    15. Is there any specific learner training required to operate this software?

    Answer: Answer: No, there is no requirement of learner training to access this software as it's a simple and easy to understand to get expertise over the same.

    16. Can we maintain the data of multiple companies?

    Answer: Yes, number of companies can maintain their data with the help of this software.

    17. Is there any E-mail facility for mailing paid or unpaid bills to clients directly?

    Answer: Yes, It provides E-mail facility which lets users to e-mail their clients' outstanding and payment reminders detail.

    18. Is there any option to take Backup and Restore?

    Answer: Yes, It could be done as the software has the option of taking backup and restore of the complete database.

    19. Can I Import my Genius Software data to smart bill?

    Answer: Yes, you can import your complete client master from our other software named – Genius, Service Tax and TDS. You can also import complete billing data from Genius Software.