1. What is Gen-XD (EXCISE) software?


  • Gen-XD is an A to Z solution for excise, especially designed for those who want to file excise returns and records.
  • It is useful for e- return filing & e-registration of multiple forms, covering each & every aspect of Excise. This software also offers e-Payment option and Dealer's invoice system.

2. Does this software have Online Registration facility?

Answer: Yes, automatic execution of e-Registration after filling Master details is available. Innovative functions give admirable comfort to the user for example auto filling of data in forms, such as:

  • Innovative functions that gives admirable comfort to User such as auto filling up of data in forms like,
  • A-2 and A-3 forms
  • Declaration forms
  • Password Change forms

3. What are the advantages of this software?

Answer: This software follows the rules & regulations of the below mentioned Acts and Duties:

  • Central Excise Act, 1944
  • Central Excise Tariff Act, 1985
  • National calamity contingent Duty
  • Education Cess
  • Additional duties of Excise (Goods of Importance) Act, 1957
  • Additional duties of Excise (Textiles and Textiles Articles) Act, 1978
  • The central Excise Laws (Amendment and Validation) ordinance, 2005
  • Nomination Declaration

4. How many types of registers are maintained by this software?


  • RG-1 Register (Daily Stock Register)
  • Personal Ledger Account (PLA)
  • RG23A Part I - Account of inputs
  • RG23A Part II - Duty register for CENVAT Credit in relation to Inputs
  • RG23C Part I - Account of capital goods
  • RG23C Part II - Duty register for CENVAT Credit (Capital goods & Components)
  • MIS (Management Information System) of client data
  • Service Tax Register(For using CENVAT credit of Service tax to pay Excise duty)
  • RG23D – Register for Dealers

5. Can the Manufactures or Dealers file their Return by this software?

Answer: Yes, all the statutory returns, i.e. ER-1 to ER-8 can be generated pre-filled and Dealer’s Return is also there.

  • Now Manufacturers can generate returns both manually and electronically from ER-1 to ER-8.
  • Facility to generate Dealer’s Return ER-1 & ER-8 in single click by using SAG Excel template.
  • Facility to generate Quick XML files and auto submission to ACES website within the software.
  • Quarterly return for CENVAT Credit, A.R.E- 1, Surrenders of RC, B-2 forms manually.

6. Does it have the facility to generate the Dealer's return?

Answer: Yes, Now Dealer's return can be easily generated after giving the dealer's Invoice information.

7. Is there any facility to generate the XML file?

Answer: Yes, ER-1 to ER-8 e-filing is available by generating and uploading XML file. One can also import data directly from XML files.

8. Whether the Assessee can file the return electronically or manually?

Answer: Yes, ER-1 to ER-8 is available for e-filing electronically as well as manually. A user can manipulate his/her data by themselves. For online uploading of return, we have given two options; either you can generate XML file or Excel file. And, after validating every page, the user can click on validate and submit button in Excel to upload the very same.

9. What is meaning of Quick Generation?

Answer: This is an auto function which directly uploads the return file on the ACES website after saving it. It provides you a quick upload facility.

10. What is the role of MIS in the Gen-XD software such as to know due date of Returns?


  • Generates Client wise detail for the due date of return filing and whether return a filed or not.
  • Chart of the default due date of returns is also available.
  • It manages the concerned data very effectively and efficiently.
  • Helps in organizing operational activities.
  • It holds the whole MIS system (DSS, OAS and EIS) in a comprehensive manner.

11. Can I check the rates excise of duty on any product?

Answer: Yes, All 98 chapter of Excise are included to confirm excise duty rates in our library section.

12. Can we have the reminder for due date of returns?

Answer: Yes, we can set reminders for the due date of returns which tells us to file it in the remaining time.

13. Is there any option to take Backup and Restore?

Answer: Yes, There is an option to take Backup and Restore of the complete database.

14. Is there any facility to import data from the Register to Return forms?

Answer: Yes, we are providing import facility from all statutory registers into return forms.

15. Is there any facility to import data from XML files?

Answer: Yes, we are also providing import facility through XML files which is uploaded by users from any software.

16. Is there any facility to import Data from Tally and other accounting software?

Answer: Yes, we are providing you import facility from Tally and Excel files.

17. Can I Check my return filing status and download acknowledgement directly from the software?

Answer: Yes, you can check the date of Return filling and View Status of the same whether Return is successfully filed or rejected. The user can print acknowledge of Return.

18. Facility to print return form after uploading the Return to see whatever data I have uploaded through my XML file?

Answer: Yes, we are providing you a facility to view and download uploaded form directly from our software.

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