1. What is Gen-AVAT software all about?

Answer: We hereby present a new concept of All India VAT (value added tax) software especially designed for the professionals who like to practice beyond the state boundaries and facilitate their end clients to do business without any limitations across the nation covering the VAT of all states.

  • A complete Combination of VAT, CST and Entry Taxes of Indian States.
  • On a single data entry you can fill the Form of any State.
  • Calculates VAT liability and return filling of multiple dealers.
  • Covers almost every aspects of All India VAT mandate.
  • It also covers e-Payment & e-Filing of all the latest VAT returns for each & every category of Dealer.
  • Consolidates the data of all the periods in a financial year and generates computation sheets.
  • 2. How Many states are covered in AVAT?

    Answer: Currently VAT is applicable in Twenty four states in India and this software comprises all of them.

    3. Name the States where VAT is applicable and also covered in AVAT?

    Answer: We have covered following states in A-VAT:

  • 3. ASSAM
  • 4. BIHAR
  • 6. DELHI
  • 7. GOA
  • 8. GUJARAT
  • 9. HARYANA
  • 13. KERALA
  • 16. ORISSA
  • 18. PUNJAB
  • 4. Can we import data in software form Tally or other accounting software?

    Answer: Yes, you can import the data from Tally and Busy and also from our excel template.

    5. Is there any option of data import from register to Input and Output tax details?

    Answer: Yes, you can get the Input and output tax details from purchase and Sales Registers respectively.

    6. Is there option of online E-Filing in your software?

    Answer: Yes, for the states in which online filling is enabled we have also given the same functionality, names of such sates are:

  • 1) Andhra Pradesh
  • 2) Chhattisgarh
  • 3) Delhi
  • 4) Jharkhand
  • And for following states we have Manual e-filing or you can say Excel template base filling:
  • 1) Bihar
  • 2) Chandigarh
  • 3) Punjab
  • 4) Gujarat
  • 5) Himachal Pradesh
  • 6) Madhya Pradesh
  • 7) Maharashtra
  • 8) Orissa
  • 9) Uttrakhand
  • 10) Uttar Pradesh
  • 7. Is there any option of online registration?

    Answer: Yes, Currently this is only given by Chhattisgarh VAT and the same is provided by us.

    8. Is there any option of data import from other period? Like import monthly data in quarterly or yearly period.

    Answer: Yes, you can do so very easily which saves a lot of time in filling up of lengthy Input and Output tax.

    9. How we get new Updation of your software?

    Answer: Whenever there is any update from our side the software automatically pop-ups about the new version and details of such change.

    10. Is there any option to prepare MIS for periodical compliances as returns etc. in AVAT?

    Answer: Yes, you can check whether the he has dully complied and filed his returns in time, when he has filed and what is the status.

    11. Is there any option to prepare MIS for Registration in AVAT?

    Answer: Yes, you can check the status of TIN allotment as whether it is pending, filled or not allotted.

    12. How can we manage carry forward & brought forward amount in AVAT?

    Answer: Yes, you can carry forward the VAT credit to next period and this will come in brought forward status in Tax detail form.

    13. Can we prepare data of audit report in AVAT?

    Answer: Yes, The Audit Reports and e-filing can be prepared by this software. It automatically gathers the Return data and prepares Audit Report allowing user to manually change the Return figures.

    14. What is the VAT credit?

    Answer: Under the VAT system a taxpayer is entitled to reclaim VAT borne by him/her in the course or furtherance of business, subject to certain limitations. A VAT credit is when this input VAT is reclaimed or set off against VAT due on supplies.

    15. How many types of Reports of VAT credit are prepared?

    Answer: There are four types of Reports of VAT credits:

  • a) Monthly
  • b) Quarterly
  • c) Half-yearly
  • d) Annually
  • 16. Can we maintain the Sales & Purchases Register by this software?

    Answer: Yes, There is facility to maintain the Sales & Purchases Register in this software.

    17. Can we generate and file Entry Tax returns?

    Answer: Yes, by filling the required details you can generate entry Tax returns and file the same.

  • This is currently available in following states:
    • Andhra Pradesh
    • Bihar
    • Chhattisgarh
    • Gujarat
    • Haryana
    • Himachal Pradesh
    • Karnataka
    • Madhya Pradesh
    • Orissa
    • Rajasthan
    • Uttar Pradesh
  • 18. What about CST returns?

    Answer: Yes, there is a facility of Inter-state sales data management along with computation of taxes & generation of periodic returns.

    19. Can we generate Blank forms for any state if required?

    Answer: Yes, if the user requires so he can generate.

    20. Can we take Backup of this entire data or of any single client?

    Answer: Yes, for security reasons one can take the backup and restore it when required on random or periodical basis.

    21. If there is any option to add footer details?

    Answer: Yes, you can add following details as footer on every page reports:

  • Company Name
  • TIN Number
  • Client code, and
  • Yers.
  • 22. Can we see and add commodity details for any state?

    Answer: Yes, we have a list of commodities on which VAT is applicable in respective states and user can also add if required.

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