A-VAT - All India VAT Solution under One Roof!


Our software automates workflow from tax preparation to remittance/recovery; enable centralized management of tax information, best-in-class performance. Our all India VAT software is especially designed for the professionals and includes VAT of all states. On a single data entry you can fill the Form of any State. This software covers almost every aspect of All India VAT. It covers compliance requirements for all Indian States & Union Territories. No time wastage, as all the things you are getting under one roof.

InstallationINR 10000 * Updation INR 3000 *
Demo of Gen AVAT in English
Demo of Gen AVAT in Hindi

Features of A-VAT Software


VAT Registration Form:-

  • Generation Of online/physical VAT & CST registration:- Facility to generate online/physical VAT & CST registration forms once master details are filled which saves the repetition of efforts.
  • Defined Client List With their Master Data:- Software allows the user to define clients along with other relevant master information, which get auto transferred to the relevant statutory forms.


  • Facility to maintain purchase & sales register as per requirement of the client and also include sales & purchase return data.


  • Import /Export data from excel sheet:- Our software gives you facility to import & export of data from:-
    • From SAG Excel sheet
    • Tally & Tally oriented excel sheets.
  • Input Through Registers:- Input & Output tax can be imported through purchase & sales registers.


  • Online E-Filing of VAT & CST:- Facility of e-filing for VAT & CST returns directly login from software.
  • Generation of VAT Returns:- Our software gives you facility to generate all types of VAT returns on quarterly, half-yearly, monthly & yearly basis.
  • Revised returns for a period:- Our software gives you the facility for revised returns for a period and automatic picking up of data.
  • Maintenance of Registers & Tracking:- Maintains Return Filing Register & can track records for the pending and filed Registration.


  • Preparation Of Accounts:- It allows the user to prepare accounts on the basis of VAT credit utilized & the balances will be carried forward to next year.
  • Facility to Generate Reports On Time Basis:- Our software gives client to generate Quarterly, Half- Yearly, Annual reports of VAT credit utilized & available.


  • Generation Facility:- Administrator can generate:-
    • Tax deposits challan & e-payment.
    • Tax payment challan for printing and automatic obtaining of details in returns.
  • Generation Facility:- Facility to generate percentage wise Sales / purchase report periodically for VAT & CST.


  • Preparation of VAT audit reports & its e-filing:- Facility to prepare VAT audit report & e-filing. Gathering of return data takes place automatically.
  • Import Of Data:- Administrator has an authority to import data in audit report from statutory registers & input/output tax information.
  • DECLARATION FORM:- Registers of different declaration forms EX:-
    • Declaration forms issued and
    • Declaration forms received.
  • Category Wise Dealer Description:- In our software user can maintain category wise dealers Ex:-
    • Normal Dealer
    • Composition Dealer
    • Dealer with tax incentive schemes
    • Works, contractors & CST dealers.
  • User can export these registers in Excel format:-
  • CST:- Administrator is having facility of Inter – state sales data management along with computation taxes & generation of periodic returns.
  • ENTRY TAX:- Administrator can easily calculate the entry tax and can generate entry tax reports.

VAT E-Filing in States:-

  • The All India VAT software is used to VAT e-filing over the 24 states including Delhi, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh (AP), Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir (J&K), Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh (MP), Orissa, Rajasthan, Tripura, Uttarakhand, Assam, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh (HP), Jharkhand, Kerala, Punjab, Tamilnadu, Uttar Pradesh (UP) and West Bengal (WB).