Gen XD - An Easy Way to Excise Return E-Filing

XD Excise

Excise is an indirect tax charged on the sale of a particular good. Our software "XD Excise" makes very easy for you to e-file excise returns. Calculations of both manufacturer and dealer are provided. There is a provision to prepare separate invoices for manufacturer and dealer. All returns from ER-1 to ER-8 are generated manually and electronically. All other quarterly returns of CENVAT Credit, surrender of Registration Certificate can also be filed. There is the facility of E-payment also. Following are the features provided in the software:

This Product is Discontinued and No Longer Available
Free Demo of Gen XD Excise Software
Free Demo of Gen XD Excise Software Hindi

Features of Gen XD Excise Software

  • Client Record:- Our software gives the provision to maintain the complete database of client. Our software allows you to:-
  • Add Details
  • Delete Details
  • Edit Details
  • Import Data From Tally
  • Range Allocation:- Our software also gives you provision to allocate the legal jurisdiction area of that company. So that in future if any legal problem arises, the jurisdiction area is pre decided.
  • More Precise Detail:- Our software helps you in providing more precise information about the excise charged, ex:-
  • State
  • Basic excise duty
  • Edit Details
  • Clearance,etc.
  • Commodity Description:- Our software allows you to clearly give a description of commodity & search in various panels:-
  • Types of goods
  • Description of good
  • Unit
  • Tariff, etc.
  • Import Facility:- Our software provides a special facility to import data:-
    • Import from tally
    • Import from excel
  • Commodities is imported from last period (i.e. last month, last quarter & last year).
  • Template Generation:- It generates the templates in excel format.
  • Sender/Receiver Information:- Complete information of sender and receiver of commodities can be stored in our software. Template can also be generated in excel and data can be imported from excel.
  • MIS Report Generation:- Our software maintains the complete detail of clients including their PAN number, jurisdiction area, company name etc.
  • Annexure 10 & RG23D
  • Auto generation of challan and linking to the return.
  • Auto check the status of challan.
  • Generation of the return by direct XML and excel utility.
  • Director generation of return by importing data from registers
  • Generation of return from import of excel summary template
  • Import of previous return from XML
  • download acknowledgment from ACES site after filing the return.
  • Invoice Generation:- Our software gives provision to develop the separate kinds of invoices for:-
    • Manufacturer
    • Dealers
  • E-Registration:- After the user fills all the master details in our software, our software automatically proceeds for E- Registration.
  • More Facilities:- Our software gives the provision for auto filling of data in forms like:-
    • A-2
    • A-3
    • Declaration Forms
    • Password change forms
  • Manual & Electronic Return's Generation:- In our software there is a provision for manufacturer by which they can generate returns in two ways from ER-1 to ER-8:-
  • Manually
  • Electronically
  • Dealer's Return In One Click:- Our software has facility to generate dealer's return in & ER-8 in single click by the use of SAG excel format.
  • XML Generation:- Our software gives facility to generate XML files & its auto submission to ACES website through our software.
  • Quarterly Returns:- Our software has provision for quarterly return of CENVAT credit, AR.E-1, surrenders of RC, B-2 forms manually.
  • Registers Provided Our software provides following registers for users:-
  • RG-1 (daily stock register).
  • Personal ledger account.
  • RG23A Part I-Account Of Inputs.
  • RG23A PART II –Duty register for CENVAT credit in relation to inputs.
  • RG23C Part I – Account of capital goods.
  • RG23C PART II- duty register for CENVAT credit (capital goods & components)
  • Form IV.
  • Service Tax Register.
  • E-filing Our software provides you the facility of e filling from ER 1 to ER 8, & dealer return.
  • Library Our software provides you a wide library of 98 chapters of excise to confirm excise rates on different products.
  • E-Payment Our software gives you e-payment facility i.e. you can pay your excise duty online too.
  • Reminders Our software blows an immediate pop up on your screen when any due date of return is left.
  • Blank Forms Our software provides you important blank forms :-
    • ER 1 to ER 8
    • Declaration Form
    • Surrender Of RC
    • Form A-2
    • Form B-2
    • Form for New Code
    • Dealer Return
    • GAR -7 challan.
  • XML Viewer Back Up Of Data:- Our software helps you in viewing any of your XML files in your system. You can store a back-up of complete data of our software in your system.
  • Restore Return Information:- Various returns required to be filled under central excise laws are mentioned in our software.