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Gen Auditor

Our "Auditor" Software works according to its characteristic in the field of auditing. It is prepared while keeping the applicable regulations & laws in mind. This Software is a complete package for CA Firm conducting audits. It maintains the record of clients, employees & articles. It helps in the preparation of Audit Program. It consists of a specimen of Appointment letter, management representation, NOC etc. The use of “Auditor” reduces the burden of CA’s in maintaining various resourceful records. Our software is designed to reduce your work pressure at various levels of tax auditing.

This Product is Discontinued and No Longer Available
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Features of Gen Auditor Software

Firms, Employees, Articles and Clients Record:-
  • Administrator maintains the information & complete database of his/her all firms, employees, articles.
  • Client records are maintained Firm wise. (If the administrator is associated to more than one firm or in partnership).
Basic Data Storage:-
  • Maintains Sector Master, TDS, Fixed Assets, Depreciation rate list & TDS rate list year wise.
Specimen Letters & Addition as per Requirement:-
  • Our software consists of important Specimen letters, which are modified according to requirement. Like:-
  • Appointment Letter
  • Management Representation
  • NOC
  • External Confirmation
  • It also allows user to add important Specimen Letter (Category wise) according to requirement. User also maintains a checklist of required documents (specimen letters) which are to be taken from the client along with the management of documents received and yet to be received.
Client's Document Manager
  • User has authority to store all the files including scans & documents received from client side and can retrieve it whenever required on a single click.
User Rights
  • Our software gives a facility of providing user rights of accessing data to particular users.
Import/Export Data Facility
  • Import Of Data
  • Our software provides facility to import data from following 3 categories:-
  • From XML file
  • From Tally (Tally ERP.9)
  • From default excel format.
  • Once the data is imported in the software, there is no need to link anything with Accounting Software. All the functions are performed directly from this Software in a better way. Allocated Task Status: .
Mapping Of Imported Data
  • Imported data should be mapped under:-
  • Ledger Mapping
  • TDS setup
  • Section setup
Export In Excel
  • User can Export all reports including the profit & loss account, balance sheet in excel.
Audit Staff Management (Audit Programme)
  • The administrator can systematically allocate complete audit work to audit staff.
  • The auditor can maintain the checklist of various Audit services.
  • Allocation of work according to education & designation.
  • Decide Estimate days of work.
  • Maintain Current status of work.
  • Audit program status report, i.e. till what extent the work has been finished, what portion of work is left; there is an elaborated report of an allocated task with status.
Allocated Task Status
  • It allows the administrator to verify the task status of work which is allotted to employee & articles in the following panels:-
  • Not started
  • Started
  • Pending
  • Completed
Allocated Task Status
  • Administrator can verify the task status of work which is allotted to employee & articles in following panels:-
  • Not started
  • Started
  • Pending
  • Completed
Work Status View
  • It allows the administrator to view all client work allocation, estimated days and work status on a single click.
Auditor's Corner
  • Voucher wise Observation.
  • It allows the auditor to check voucher and provide remark on the doubtful entry along with the auditor's name and pass the rectification of remark along with the name of the person who is rectifying the remark. User adds new voucher and provide delete remark for deleted voucher.
  • If the auditor is applying those rectification, addition and deletion in the vouchers then it will affect its:-
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
Audit Working Paper
  • It allows the user to give remarks and make rectification along with the name of the person who is passing or rectifying the remark on the voucher.
Subsidiary Trial Balance and Final Accounts
  • According to rectification performed, the software generates a Subsidiary Trial Balance and Final Accounts.
Voucher Status
  • The auditor can check the vouchers from the software, unchecked & checked Voucher can be segregated on a single click.
Comprehensive Analysis
  • User can check:-
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Day book
  • Cash Bank Account
  • Accounts Wise Details
  • Analysis of Revised Schedule VI (Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account) is possible.
Balance Verification
    This facility allows the auditor to verify whether there is a similarity or discrepancy between current year opening balance and last year closing balance.
Identification Of Materiality Level (Sampling Basis)

The auditor sets the materiality level so that audit is performed on a sampling basis. User performs the auditing through samples in following three ways:-

  • Voucher Register:- Sampling is done on the basis of amount, date & voucher type. User can create amount slots. On a single click user can see all the vouchers and its types like:-
  • Payment
  • Receipt
  • Journal
  • Contra
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Account Wise Sampling Sampling is also done by mentioning any particular account’s name, and user can see all the vouchers related to that particular account.
  • Randomly:- User has authority to select any random number of vouchers and our software gives the details of entries lying on that random number.
Loan Accounts checking

If there are both debit and credit transaction from the same party and the party account (ledger account) is created under any Group (other than loan liability or loan asset), then that ledger account will be shown as a doubtful ledger account. That means, the ledger account should come under loan liability or asset group so that it is covered in 269SS / T report.

  • Compliance Check:- Checking compliance of various income tax provisions like 40A (2) (b), 40A (3), 43B, 269SS, 269T etc. Like: -
  • Exceed Cash Payment [Sec.40A (3)]:-This section allow the user to disallow exceed cash payment with compliance of rule 6DD.
  • Relatives Report [Sec.40A (2) (b)]:- Under this section, first of all we set relation with that person only one time and generate that section report.
  • On a single click we provide, sections report and update in 3CD report.
  • Outstanding Loan Amount Report:-
  • Loan Received [Sec.269SS]
  • Loan Repaid[Sec.269T]
  • On a single click we provide, sections report and update in 3CD report.
  • Employee Wages Report:-
  • Our software also maintains:-
  • Employee bonus & commission paid [Sec.36(1)(ii)]
  • Loan Repaid[Sec.269T]
  • Employee PF & ESI deducted and deposited within the given time limit.[Sec.36(1)(va)]
  • Depreciation Chart:-
  • Maintenance of depreciation chart is done in our software under [Sec.32]
  • Negative Ledger/Cash:-
  • Amount of stocks calculate according to GP Basis and the report of that can be maintained on daily, monthly and yearly basis.
  • TDS Party Details:-
  • User can check the TDS details according to IT Sections (192 to 196D) and update in 3CD report. In this we can also find those ledger accounts on which TDS is not deducted.
  • E-filling Of Audit Report:-
  • E-filing of tax Audit Report (3CA/3CB – 3CD, 3CEB & 29B) and facility to generate an XML file to upload the same on department website.
  • Summary For Varied Vouchers:-
  • Our software consists of a provision to create a summary of checked & unchecked vouchers.
  • Collection Of statement:-
  • Our software consists of special provision for users to read and compare its cash & bank statements.
  • Record Of Fixed Assets Register:-
  • The administrator has authority to maintain a fixed Assets Register as per the Companies Act, 1956 and the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Compliance Reports:-
  • Compliance report of Accounting Standards, Auditing and Assurance Standards and CARO.
  • Calculation Of Interest:-
  • Calculation of Interest account wise or group wise by flat and the Slab rate of interest.
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement:-
  • This facility provides facility to clear the differences between the client's account and bank's statement.
  • Directory Detail:-
  • User can maintain the complete contact details of client, article, & employee.
  • Schedulers and Reminder:-
  • User can maintain a schedule and reminders in the software.
  • Dashboard View:- This utility provides graphical representation for comparison between:-
  • Cash & Bank
  • Sundry Debtors' & Creditor's
  • Secured & Unsecured Loan
  • These all comparisons can be done on yearly, half yearly, quarterly, and monthly basis.