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PC Spy

For tracking and tracing of day to day activities, we have introduced PC Spy Software. It keeps the records the whole day's activities and you can view logs from anywhere and any-time. It uses in organizations, schools, colleges, offices and cybercafés etc. It also blocks Pen drive/CD and denies their installation. It is also included with Web conference, reminder alert and blocking of website features. This Software keeps an eye on every single movement of your employee or your worker.

Installation` 5000 * Updation ` 2000 *

Features of Gen PC Spy Software

Admin Control:-
  • Mouse & Keyboard control:- The administrator can put a control over mouse and keyboards of all the PC's connected through LAN or static IP.
  • Full day recording:- It tracks the complete record of PCs connected through PC Spy by utilizing its full day recording function.
  • Complete record of internet access:- It also allows the administrator to keep the complete record of internet access that includes:
  • Video record-It also records user videos using web cams without user's knowledge.
  • Chat record - This option is used to record and read all the chat done by the user.
  • Link record - It saves all the links clicked by the user and reassessed by the server.
  • Web Cam controller :- By installing a web cam on user's system, we can keep a video record of user and all his daily activities.
  • Face Recognition Facility:- If administrator is having webcam installed on all the systems, by utilizing our face recognition facility, they can mark the attendance of his employees, students etc. This facility can be modified by our company according to user's requirement.
  • Settings can be applied:- The administrator can apply all his settings by using following parameter:-
  • Work Group wise - This point states that the administrator can apply settings by making a particular group of PC's and imposing list of restrictions for that group.
  • PC Wise - It allows the administrator to impose restrictions and blockages on particular PC.
  • User account basis-Administrator has a authority to imposes restrictions or blockages for a particular user id.
  • Block CD ROM /Pen drives:- It allows the administrator to block the use/connection of CDROM, pen drives and hard drives to any of the client PC on LAN.
  • Folder Protection:- Administrator can prohibit user to access (read, write, delete) a particular folder.
  • File Filter:- Administrator can prohibit users to access (read, write, delete) a particular file. User can not add or delete any file without administrator’s permission or consent, if any of the users is trying to add or delete any file an immediate pop will be displayed on the administrators system.
Database Management:-
  • Message and file transferring:- All the PC's connected through PC Spy exchanges messages files and folders through each other.
  • Backup Restoration:- All the backup of the recording restores in Pen drive, hard drives, CD's
  • History Maintenance :- It allows the administrator to maintain the complete history of each and every activity of all the PC's connected through our software PC Spy on LAN.
  • Complete Recording:- Complete recording of day to day activity of all the PC's maintains through our software including videos, chats, texts, and links.
  • Console Facility:- The files are viewed according to comfort ability either in vertical or in horizontal format. Two excel sheets are also viewed at a time and data is transferred through a click.
  • Reminder facility:- Administrator can set a reminder regarding any important invigilation, meeting or work in our software.
  • Offline/Online Accessibility:- If the admin is having static IP then invigilation can be done from anywhere outside the office too.
  • Synchronized Connection:- Files are synchronized according to the administrator's wish and the recorded data is stored on a storage device.
  • File Comparison:- Two files are viewed in vertical or horizontal format at once, and compared according to the administrator's requirement at any time.
Parental Control:-
  • Secured Internet Access:- It allows to administrator to block specific websites for specific users on LAN websites which they don't want to be accessed.
  • Security Alerts:- If any of the users is trying to alter any of the blocking activity, an instant message pops up on the administrator's system.
  • Install/Uninstall Prohibition:- User can't install or uninstall any software without administrators consent or permission, if any user tries to install or uninstall any software, an immediate pop up can be seen on the administrator's system.
Inter Connectivity:-
  • Voice call on LAN:- All the PC's connected through PC spy can make voice calls to each other using a headphone.
  • Video call on LAN:- All the PC's connected through PC spy can make free video calls to each other by using web cams.
  • Message Chatting on LAN:- All the users of PC Spy can chat with each other, if they are connected via LAN.
  • Mutual Conference (Max.9PC's) on LAN:- One of the most dynamic features of PC spy is that we can arrange video conference between 9 PCs at a time connected through LAN.